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Models / Mel Fire

Avg Rating: 5.0

Mel Fire Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Latina
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Seductive Eyes
Date Joined:  23 December 2022
Twitter:  @melfireoficial

Professional dominatrix Mel Fire hails from south america and is also a tantric goddess, skilled in driving men wild with desire.
The 30-year-old Brazilian with fiery red hair and hazel eyes is 5"6 and has all natural C cup tits.
Mel Fire Updates

Extra Curricular
Kitty Marie, Mel Fire May 17, 2024
Mel is giving student Kitty a lesson in how to suck a cock. Just as Kitty is deep throating a rubber dick, one of the male teachers walks in. Mel decides to take advantage of the interruption and yanks down his trousers. Kitty's eyes bulge as she sees his big cock but Mel soon shows her how to expertly...
That's Him
Kitty Marie, Mel Fire March 15, 2024
Kitty is just coming out of the shower when Joe walks in and sees her naked. He claims it was an accident but she is horrified. She fetches her friend Mel and they confront him, demanding some form of penance. Kitty decides that as he has violated her with his eyes, she wants to do the same to him! The...
Female Whisperer
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna July 21, 2023
Four girls are shocked at a party when a male guest appears able to read their thoughts. He explains that he is a female whisperer and knows everything they are thinking. He then looks shocked, telling Amber to stop thinking about giving him a blowjob. When he embarrasses the other girls by telling them...
Recording Step Bro
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna May 19, 2023
Belle's step brother is hot and all her friends want to see him naked. She opens the bathroom door while he is taking a shower and films him washing himself naked. He spots her and she runs out to show her friends. He comes in a few minutes later wearing just a towel and demanding she delete the video....
College Send Off
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna March 10, 2023
Sam is jerking off in his room thinking about his step mum and her hot friends in the kitchen. Suddenly she shouts that he is late for college. He stuffs his boner into his shorts and rushes out - only for the women to all notice the big tent in his pants! They giggle and say there is no way he can go...
Mr Christmas
Amber Green, Belle Jolie, Mel Fire, Princess Anna December 23, 2022
Everyone in the house is handing out Christmas presents. Justin is a bit shocked when he opens his and finds a Christmas-themed mankini! The girls giggle and tell him to try it on. He is reluctant but they insist! When he comes back in, Amber shows off her new thong to tease him and he is soon bursting...