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Models / Hannah Shaw

Avg Rating: 4.0

Hannah Shaw Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  September 22, 2009

Sussex stunner Hannah is a newcomer to glamour modelling. The feisty brunette is only 19 years old but is full of confidence and enthusiasm.

Her teenage 32-24-34 figure is kept in shape by regular visits to the gym but she also admits to a habit of "wearing slutty dresses to nightcubs to see the guys' faces!"

This young temptress was full of energy in her first shoot for PureCFNM and was a firm favourite and is sure to be back for more.
Hannah Shaw Updates

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Ruined Presentation
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss April 5, 2013
Axa is giving a presentation in front of three female executives when she is twice interrupted by Jamie. This throws her and she gives an awful speech. When they take a break she is fuming and decides to get her own back on him and hides under the lectern. As Jamie begins his presentation Axa unzips...

Sleep Walking
Axa Jay, Franki Rider, Hannah Shaw, Holly Kiss January 4, 2013
Holly's new man is working nights so he is in bed while she has a coffee morning with her friends. However, it turns out he is a sleep walker and the girls nearly jump out of their skin when he walks into the lounge completely naked and still asleep! Holly covers his cock in embarassment but the others...

A Piece Of Meat
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan November 16, 2012
College girl Chantelle has now graduated and got a job at her own school in the admin department. She goes back to visit her old teacher Professor Francois and blackmails him that unless he strips naked and lets her use his cock as she wants, then she will tell the principal about the day her and her...

Desperate Estate Agent
Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw October 26, 2012
Estate agent Michael is under pressure from his boss to meet his sales targets - if he doesn't seal the deal on this latest viewing then he is out of work! When Hannah and Chantelle explain that the price tag is a bit out of their range he becomes desperate and says he will do anything to clinch the...

Made To Cum Twice
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan March 30, 2012
Chantelle is upset because she has been seeing sales manager Tony and he has just dumped her. As the other girls gather round to console her, Tony walks in and brags about how he is going to fuck a new babe tonight. The girls are outraged at what a bastard he is and whisper a revenge plan to eah other....

Naughty Professor
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan September 23, 2011
Professor Francois is teaching an unruly class of girls. When he grabs one of them by the arm to make her sit down and pay attention, the girls go crazy and accuse him of sexual harassment! They threaten to go to the principal's office unless he does what they say. To get back at him and humiliate him...

Hunky Bartender
Hannah Shaw, Jessica Pressley, Lucy Love March 11, 2011
Three girls arrive at the local bar for a drink when they notice a hunky new bartender. They discover he is from Hungary and decide to take advantage by telling him there is a ladies night on tonight and therefore he has to work naked. He refuses but Hannah isn't taking no for an answer and comes round...

Hannah's Dirty Pictures
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee April 2, 2010
Johnny is in his office when he finds some naughty pictures of Hannah on the computer. He gets very aroused and whips out his cock and starts playing with it. He is listening to music on his headphones and doesn't hear Maisie walk in and she is horrified at what he is doing. She goes to fetch the other...

Leave Me Alone
Chloe Conrad, Hannah Shaw, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor February 5, 2010
Nathan has settled down in the basement to enjoy some time alone with his cock. Unfortunately he has just started playing with it when Wendy walks down the stairs and catches him! She is shocked but soon wants to join in and fights him for access to his cock. The noise brings Chloe running and she joins...

Seduced By MILFs
Hannah Shaw, Jan Burton, Wendy Taylor December 18, 2009
When naive 18-year-old delivery boy Shane turns up at the doorstep of MILFs Jan and Wendy, he has no idea what is in store for him. The middle-aged women see his ripped jeans and think he hasn't got much money and tell him they will sew them up for him. He tries telling them it is the fashion but before...

Wolf Whistle
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee December 4, 2009
Four girls are on their way out for an early drink when they pass a building site. One of the labourers wolf whistles at them and shouts for them to get their tits out. The girls are appalled at such crude behaviour and decide to teach the guy a lesson. They chase after and corner him and tell him that...

Here Doggie
Claudia Price, Hannah Shaw, Jess Blonde, Masie Dee September 25, 2009
Four young girls are getting ready for a night out on the town. The are stripped off in their changing room, deciding what to wear and doing their make-up. Geeky American Sean is on his mobile phone when he walks past their window and sees their naked bodies. He hangs up and starts watching them, getting...

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