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Models / Chessie Kay

Avg Rating: 4.7

Chessie Kay Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  March 26, 2013

Chessie Kay is a newcomer to the world of porn and spends most of her time as a TV chat channel babe.

The 22-year-old glamour model has a naughty side though and likes nothing better than a big cock in her mouth!

The Surrey-based sexpot looks innocent and sweet until she sees a cock - a combination that is bound to have her appearing on PureCFNM on numerous occasions over the coming years!
Chessie Kay Updates

Naked Bike Ride
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder May 3, 2019
Three girls have gone to watch a Naked Bike Ride to get a glimpse of some naked men. They have turned up a bit late but a straggler then comes round the bend before getting a puncture! Miles from the finish line and with no spare, he asks the girls if they can give him a lift. They agree but first he...
Shy Sunbather
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder March 1, 2019
Chessie and her boyfriend have found a quiet spot to sunbathe but she doesn't want him getting tan lines and persuades him to take his shorts off so he is naked. He is horrified shortly after when two girls come along. Mischievous Chessie makes him roll over so he doesn't burn his back and the girls...
Picnic Trespass
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder December 21, 2018
Three girls are enjoying a picnic by the side of a lake when suddenly a naked man walks by! They didn't realize they were on private land and he is the wealthy land owner. He says they can stay and they invite him to join them but they can't stop staring at his cock. They ask if they can take some selfies...
Leg Humper
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis June 23, 2017
Three girls are in the waiting room when they recognize a guy that walks in. Chessie has seen him on a porn video and tells the other girls that he cums REALLY quickly. They want to see for themselves so they strip him off and reveal his rock hard dick! They want to see how little they have to do to...
Tattoo Shop
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis April 28, 2017
When a guy goes into a tattoo shop to get some new ink on his groin area, he wasn't expecting the female tattoo artists to take such a keen interest in the design! They strip him off so they can examine the area and take their time running their hands over the area the ink will go. He gets an erection...
Cock Dancing
Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw, Zoe Davis February 24, 2017
Secretary Hannah decides to get her own back on pervy boss Justin. She pretends to want to fuck him and strips him naked and handcuffs him to the chair. But instead of riding him, she goes to fetch the other secretaries and their phones! The girls laugh at his nudity and take selfies with his rock hard...
Bed Testers
Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco July 29, 2016
When a young couple come into the furniture store, saleswoman Chessie smells commission! They ask if they can "try out" a very expensive bed while she keeps watch. Chessie isn't sure what they mean but when she turns round the guy is already half naked! She is just about to tell them to stop when she...
Inspection Room
Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco June 3, 2016
Two helpless males are chained to the tables of the inspection room when three beautiful women walk in. The men have to kneel there naked with their asses in the air and their cocks standing to attention as the three girls prod and poke them. Their asses are inspected and their cocks groped and the females...
Blue Ball Relief
Chessie Kay, Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco April 1, 2016
When depressed Justin confides in three female friends that his girlfriend likes to play evil games and hasn't allowed him to cum in two weeks, they are very worried. They tell him it is unhealthy to get bad blue balls and that it's important they relieve him. He is scared to cheat on his girlfriend...
Police Training
Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day June 19, 2015
Chessie is training two new policewomen on how to apprehend a flasher in the park. She shows them how to kick a man in the balls and handcuff him. WPC Ava doesn't do very well and complains that as he is fully clothed it's not realistic. Chessie agrees and strips the poor guy naked in front of them....
Which Underwear
Angel Scott, Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day April 3, 2015
Four girls have been shopping for new underwear to impress their boyfriends. When Peter walks in they ask his opinion but he isn't interested. The girls decide to show him the underwear on and he suddenly gets VERY interested! As one by one the girls strip naked and then put on the new underwear sets,...
Chained Up Guest
Angel Scott, Ava Dalush, Chessie Kay, Sienna Day January 30, 2015
When chamber maid Sienna discovers a guest chained naked to the hotel bed she rushes to fetch her colleagues. He tells supervisor Angel that his Tinder date chained him up then stole his wallet - after he had taken a Viagra! Angel decides the girls must relieve their guest's blue balls while they are...
Battle Of The Boyfriends
Amy Matthews, Chessie Kay, Evey Krystal, Hannah Shaw, Kirsty Randall, Sasha Rose June 20, 2014
Chessie and Hannah have fallen out over their boyfriends. They each think they have the best looking guy with the biggest cock. When they can't settle their dispute Hannah suggests a "spunk off" with several of their female friends watching. The girls pick a partner and the pairs strip their men naked...
Spit Or Swallow
Amy Matthews, Chessie Kay, Evey Krystal, Hannah Shaw, Kirsty Randall, Sasha Rose March 21, 2014
The Women's Rights Group is in the middle of their monthly meeting when a male chauvinist pig accidentally stumbles in. He was looking for a different room but isn't going to waste the chance to make fun of them. He says women's activists like them are probably spitters not swallowers and tells them...
Female Boss
Bluebell, Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw January 31, 2014
Unruly worker Steve has been called into Chessie's office for a disciplinary meeting. He has been insubordinate to his line manager and they discover the reason is that he doesn't like taking orders from a woman. This makes Chessie very angry and she decides to teach him a lesson, ordering him to strip...
Museum Exhibits
Amy Matthews, Chessie Kay, Evey Krystal, Hannah Shaw, Kirsty Randall, Sasha Rose December 27, 2013
Seven girls are visiting a museum and are intrigued about the "Exhibition Of Ancient Sexuality". As they walk around the male exhibits in their display cases they spot a sign anouncing demonstrations at 1pm each day. Just then a gong sounds and the girls howl with laughter as the guys strip completely...
Returning Hero
Bluebell, Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw September 20, 2013
When hunky Kane returns from the front lines, three girls from his home town want to give him a special reception. When they hear he hasn't been near a girl in six months, they gather round the polite army boy, stripping him naked and helping themselves to his cock. The three babes take turns to wank...
Mistress Meets The Wife
Bluebell, Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw July 5, 2013
James has been visiting two mistresses for a while and they strip him naked and chain him up as usual. However they then inform him that they have discovered he is married. Mistress Chessie met his wife recently and the two have plotted to exact a revenge on him. James is horrified when his wife bursts...
Homeless Shelter
Brooklyn Blue, Carla Mai, Chessie Kay April 12, 2013
When homeless workers Carla and Chessie stumble upon down on his luck Paul in the streets, they decide to take him back to their shelter. They are going to feed him and give him a bed for the night but first he needs a shower. Helped by centre manager Brooklyn they strip him off and get him under the...