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Models / Tanya Cox

Avg Rating: 4.5

Tanya Cox Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  October 19, 2007

Ex lap dancer Tanya hails from Newcastle and has a strong Geordie accent to prove it.

The pint-sized beauty was on her first ever adult shoot when she arrived to film with PureCFNM.

She dived straight in though and started enjoying herself so much that when one of the guys was struggling to cum at the end of the day, she started french kissing him until he was ready to shoot everywhere!
Tanya Cox Updates

Cheating On Theo
Nikita Law, Tanya Cox June 25, 2010
Nikita sneaks Justin into her office and strips him naked before sucking his cock until he is rock hard. She then lies back on the desk so he can eat her pussy and then he starts fucking her. When she sits on him in the cowgirl position she gets so turned on she becomes very loud and work colleague Tanya...
69 Lesson
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox December 12, 2008
Five girls have turned up to Cate's weekly class on improving sexual technique. However, they had no idea that this week's class on the 69 position would include a practical demonstration! The girls are a bit shocked when the male model walks in and strips naked. But they then start to find the situation...
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox September 19, 2008
Jason's girlfriend Tammie is away on a course but he is feeling horny so he calls her up and the two end up having phonesex. Unknown to him, his female housemates come back early from the cinema and hear moans coming from his room. They barge in on him and laugh their heads off when they see him stroking...
Male Anatomy Lesson
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox June 6, 2008
Sister Stacey is conducting a class in male anatomy when her phone goes and she is called away to the Mother Superior's office. The giggling schoolgirls are left on their own staring at diagrams of penises when Jody arrives to deliver a package of frogs for their biology class later that day. The girls...
Naked Waiter
Ellena, Jasmine Lau, Lola Flame, Tanya Cox April 18, 2008
Chef Lola has hired Jack to be a naked waiter to encourage more women into her restaurant. She gets him to strip off in the kitchen and then examines his cock and balls, turning them over with a spoon, before sending him out with a tray to serve the guests. As he approaches a table of five girls,...
Nerdy Girls' Stripper
Cate Harrington, Harmony Hex, Katie Greenwood, Stacey M, Tammie Lee, Tanya Cox April 4, 2008
Six intelligent but nerdy girls are having their usual get together one evening. They start off playing silly, nerdy games as usual but Harmony has decided she wants to do something different tonight. First she tries to get them to taste their first drop of alcohol but when they say no, she wheels in...
Can't Pay For Dinner
Jasmine Lau, Lola Flame, Tanya Cox January 11, 2008
Robin has taken his new date out for dinner and is trying to impress her. He pretends to be very rich and orders the most expensive of everything. However, when the bill comes Robin is horrified to find he has forgotten his wallet. His date, thinking she was being treated, hasn't got any money with her...
Under The Table
Jasmine Lau, Tanya Cox October 19, 2007
Charlotte is having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend when she confides in him that she has always fantasised about playing with his cock in a public place. She sees that two women are having dinner behind them and tells him she really wants to carry out her fantasy then and there! Before he can object...