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Models / Tindra Frost

Avg Rating: 4.7

Tindra Frost Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Filthy Talk
Date Joined:  28 November 2018
Twitter:  @tindrafrost

Sexy filth talker Tindra is half Scottish half Icelandic and is a glamour and adult model living in the UK.
The 27-year-old normally only works with females so her appearances on Lady Voyeurs are her only hardcore scenes with men.
Her E cup tits look very natural but are, in fact, silicone but they perfectly complement her 32-24-32 physique.
Tindra Frost Updates

Sorority Approval
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost October 16, 2020
The college has a tradition that before the new school football captain can be appointed, he must first win the approval of the sorority girls. He parades nervously in front of them but when he is ordered to drop his shorts, the girls are shocked at how small his penis is! They make him lie on the floor...
Domina Shows Off
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost September 25, 2020
Domina Tindra is entertaining another dignitary from Rome. Carly brags about the males in her household so Tindra decides to show off. She brings out big Brutus and makes him lift his tunic, exposing his already hard cock. Carly is very impressed with his size and wants to see more so Tindra commands...
Prisoner Processing
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost July 31, 2020
Officers Mandy and Carly are processing a new prisoner at the jail. As they strip him naked and search all his cavities they are surprised at how muscular he is and how hard his cock is without them even touching it! When prison warden Tindra walks in she is appalled and assumes they have been playing...
Use Me Booth
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost June 5, 2020
Jake has agreed to help out at the State Fair's Kiss Me Booth. He is surprised when organizer Tindra starts tying him to the chair and even more shocked when the first girl goes to unzip his pants. The girls show him the sign where they have changed it to "use" me booth. The line of girls are now going...
Yes Domina
Belle O'Hara, Charlie Monaco, Evie Love, Tindra Frost May 1, 2020
Roman lady Charlie is visiting her friend Tindra, domina of the local gladiator school. She is very excited to see the hunky champion in the flesh so Tindra summons him and gets a slave girl to remove his clothes. The wealthy ladies order the girls to suck his cock before Belle gets on all fours so the...
Film School
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost April 3, 2020
Four students are keen to start their new film-making class but the teacher is shocked to discover that one of the girls is only there so she can learn how to make porn. The teacher uses this as an example and gets one of the girls to lift her dress while she films it to show them some camera techniques....
Sharking Punishment
Belle O'Hara, Charlie Monaco, Evie Love, Tindra Frost February 28, 2020
Sam has been sent to the headmistress's office after "sharking" two of the schoolgirls - meaning he ran past them and lifted their skirts so everyone could see their underwear. Tindra is horrified and orders the girls to yank down Sam's pants to teach him a lesson. But the sight of his cock excites the...
Vote For Women
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost January 31, 2020
Women are trying to get the vote but they don't plan on leaving anything to chance. They have "fluffers" at all the polling stations and every time a man goes in to vote the girls pounce on him and "persuade" him to vote in their favor. Justin is their latest victim, planning to vote against the girls...
College Trespasser
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost January 10, 2020
When two teachers catch pupil Rhiannon kissing a boy who doesn't even go to the college, they are less than impressed. They know exactly what the dirty bastard had in mind and decide to show the innocent girl. They order him to strip naked and jerk off for them as they take photos and videos. Rhiannon...
Where's The Money?
Belle O'Hara, Charlie Monaco, Evie Love, Tindra Frost December 27, 2019
Jake has been chained up in the basement by the gang of female robbers he was driving a getaway car for. He didn't turn up to share out the cash and they want their money! They yank down his pants and tell him they are going to edge him but not let him cum until he tells them where the money is. Tindra...
Mail Order Husbands
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed November 15, 2019
Two rich women are seeking a husband via mail order. They have selected two males from a catalog and today they are meeting their potential mates for the first time. The girls wish to see the guys physiques so Tindra orders them to strip naked. The girls like what they see but want to check what their...
Mobster's Bodyguard
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost October 25, 2019
Mobster's wife Tindra is on the phone to her friends explaining how bored she is, stuck indoors with her bodyguard. They tell her to have some fun with him so she orders him to strip naked or she will have her husband punish him. Reluctantly he strips off and Tindra calls her friends round to join the...
Classroom Flash
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed September 13, 2019
Vinna and Abi persuade a nerd to flash them in class. But as he stands there waving his dick around, teacher Tindra walks in and is very unhappy! She decides to teach him a lesson and stops him from covering up. Instead she makes him parade round the class, letting each girl have a close inspection of...
Stealing His Virginity
Chantelle Fox, Rhiannon Ryder, Tindra Frost August 23, 2019
Tindra knows her brother is a virgin and doesn't want his first time to be with his horrible new girlfriend. When she confides in two of her friends they offer to help out - little did she realize they were going to call her brother in and seduce him right in front of her! As she looks on embarrassed,...
Hairdresser's Gown
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed July 12, 2019
Dave has gone for a quick trim but when he sees how gorgeous the hairdressers are he gets a stirring in his pants. When Vinna bends over in front of him and he sees her white panties he can't help but unzip and start playing with himself under the gown. Unfortunately for him, stylist Tindra notices and...