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Models / Mandy Foxxx

Avg Rating: 4.2

Mandy Foxxx Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  10 April 2020
Twitter:  @MandyFoxxx

Busty Mandy is a 25-year-old sex mad glamour and adult model from the north west of England.
She describes herself as having a slim waist, big ass and thick thighs (to smother whichever lucky guy she is face sitting!).
Her 36D tits are all natural and she has lovely red hair and sparkling green eyes.
Mandy Foxxx Updates

Mistress In Training
Mandy Foxxx, Tory Jones October 15, 2021
Tory has seen professional domme Mandy on-line and wants to be like her. Mandy agrees to teach her how to become a mistress and calls in one of her slaves to practice on. But the slave isn't prepared and makes the mistake of coming in fully clothed. Mandy makes him strip naked and jerk off to get his...
Bigger Than That
Honour May, Mandy Foxxx December 18, 2020
Bi-sexual lovers Honour and Mandy are kissing in bed when Honour pulls out a big dildo. Just as they are about to use it on each other, flatmate Jon walks in! He apologies for interrupting but then says his cock is bigger than that dildo. Mandy's eyes light up and she says if that's true he can fuck...
Cheerleader Captain
Honour May, Mandy Foxxx, Roxy Roxanne October 23, 2020
Mandy wants to be captain of the cheerleading squad but the coach says it is promised to another girl. She decides to persuade him but as she yanks down his pants, two female teachers walk in! They are disgusted by his behaviour but change their tune when they see his cock. They can't help but have a...
Domina Shows Off
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost September 25, 2020
Domina Tindra is entertaining another dignitary from Rome. Carly brags about the males in her household so Tindra decides to show off. She brings out big Brutus and makes him lift his tunic, exposing his already hard cock. Carly is very impressed with his size and wants to see more so Tindra commands...
Valentine's Surprise
Honour May, Mandy Foxxx, Roxy Roxanne August 14, 2020
Jake is planning a Valentine's surprise for his girlfriend Mandy but she walks in with two of her work colleagues and catches him naked! As Mandy tries to cover his groin the two girls find it hilarious and convince her to let them see his cock. They seem unimpressed so she decides to suck it and show...
Prisoner Processing
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost July 31, 2020
Officers Mandy and Carly are processing a new prisoner at the jail. As they strip him naked and search all his cavities they are surprised at how muscular he is and how hard his cock is without them even touching it! When prison warden Tindra walks in she is appalled and assumes they have been playing...
SAS Who Cums Loses
Mandy Foxxx, Tory Jones July 3, 2020
It's the final test in the candidate's special forces training - the interrogation. To try and break them, the training team have brought in two female interrogators, skilled in the art of manipulation. Their first trick is to yank down his pants and humiliate his tiny penis - but when they do this,...
Concubine Party
Honour May, Mandy Foxxx, Roxy Roxanne June 19, 2020
Honour likes throwing sex parties for her friends and has just acquired two new concubines to play with. Her friend Roxy is going to help her test them out. First she brings in the female and the two girls take turns to rub her pussy and suck her tits. Then the male is brought in on a leash. Honour and...
Use Me Booth
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost June 5, 2020
Jake has agreed to help out at the State Fair's Kiss Me Booth. He is surprised when organizer Tindra starts tying him to the chair and even more shocked when the first girl goes to unzip his pants. The girls show him the sign where they have changed it to "use" me booth. The line of girls are now going...
Self Isolation Tips
Mandy Foxxx, Tory Jones May 22, 2020
Having completed her self isolation, Mandy is being interviewed by the local news channel asking for tips on how to get through it. She talks about her beauty regime and daily routine, then casually mentioned a naked man is a must! The interviewer looks shocked so Mandy leads her over to her postman...
Lockdown Facesitting
Mandy Foxxx, Tory Jones March 27, 2020
Mandy is in self isolation for 14 days as a precaution and is getting very bored! When friend Tory comes to visit her she explains that most of all she is missing cock! Just then the doorbell goes and it is Rob from next door, checking if she needs anything. He might be old, but for sex starved Mandy...