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Models / Abigail Angel

Avg Rating: 4.7

Abigail Angel Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Innocent Newcomer
Date Joined:  12 July 2019
Twitter:  @abiadultpics

Abigail is a relative newcomer to the adult industry, having previously worked as a dental nurse.
The 24-year-old from Surrey got fed up putting things in people's mouths and instead wanted some cocks put in hers so she became a pornstar!
Her combination of innocent newcomer and cock hungry whore is sure to make her a CFNM favourite among fans.
Abigail Angel Updates

Lady Locksmiths
Abigail Angel, Alice Judge, Cindy Sun April 17, 2020
Nick has locked himself out naked and is horrified when three female locksmiths turn up. He explains that his girlfriend dared him to take a naked selfie in the corridor and the door closed behind him. The girls want to see the selfie and are impressed by the size of his cock. They agree to fix his lock...
Plenty To Go Around
Abigail Angel, Alice Judge, Cindy Sun February 14, 2020
Marc has gone to see a counselor because his wife and his mistress are constantly squabbling. The counselor can't work out why these two sexy women are fighting over him but they explain that he has a big fat cock that they both love. Counselor Alice says she needs to see it for herself so the women...
Mail Order Husbands
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed November 15, 2019
Two rich women are seeking a husband via mail order. They have selected two males from a catalog and today they are meeting their potential mates for the first time. The girls wish to see the guys physiques so Tindra orders them to strip naked. The girls like what they see but want to check what their...
Classroom Flash
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed September 13, 2019
Vinna and Abi persuade a nerd to flash them in class. But as he stands there waving his dick around, teacher Tindra walks in and is very unhappy! She decides to teach him a lesson and stops him from covering up. Instead she makes him parade round the class, letting each girl have a close inspection of...
Hairdresser's Gown
Abigail Angel, Tindra Frost, Vinna Reed July 12, 2019
Dave has gone for a quick trim but when he sees how gorgeous the hairdressers are he gets a stirring in his pants. When Vinna bends over in front of him and he sees her white panties he can't help but unzip and start playing with himself under the gown. Unfortunately for him, stylist Tindra notices and...