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Models / Lana Harding

Avg Rating: 4.2

Lana Harding Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Great actress
Date Joined:  11 October 2019
Twitter:  @LanaHarding_

20-year-old Lana is a stripper from the north of England who recently moved into adult modelling.
This busty babe has 28F tits which are all natural, as well as striking green eyes.
The sexy blonde is 5"5 tall but has a confident personality which helped her take control of our helpless male studs!
Lana Harding Updates

Exhibition Stand
Alana Bliss, Lana Harding, Scarlett Rose September 17, 2021
PureCFNM are exhibiting at a big adult expo and have had loads of fans come to their stand. Alana greets them all and is happy to oblige when Walter asks for some selfies with the girls. After snapping a few, Alana suggests that as its a CFNM site he should be naked for the photos. He is only too keen...
Pharmacy Check
Alana Bliss, Lana Harding, Scarlett Rose May 28, 2021
When a guy walks into the pharmacy asking for Erectile Dysfunction pills, Lana explains he has to be examined before they can prescribe such a thing. She makes him strip off so she can see if he can get an erection. As she strokes it, his cock grows and she asks Scarlett for a second opinion. With two...
Cousins Sleep Over
Alana Bliss, Lana Harding, Scarlett Rose January 22, 2021
Lana isn't happy to hear she has to share a room with cousin Justin. As she is trying to sleep she hears rustling from his bed and accuses him of jerking off. Alana and Scarlett come in to see what the commotion is about and they pull the covers off to find him naked with a hard on! They should be appalled...
Sorority Approval
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost October 16, 2020
The college has a tradition that before the new school football captain can be appointed, he must first win the approval of the sorority girls. He parades nervously in front of them but when he is ordered to drop his shorts, the girls are shocked at how small his penis is! They make him lie on the floor...
Film School
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost April 3, 2020
Four students are keen to start their new film-making class but the teacher is shocked to discover that one of the girls is only there so she can learn how to make porn. The teacher uses this as an example and gets one of the girls to lift her dress while she films it to show them some camera techniques....
CFNM Society
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding February 21, 2020
Tonight is the first meeting of the CFNM Society - a women's group formed to watch men strip naked. Organizers Candice and Lana have talked Brian into being their first male but he is nervous about how many people have turned up to watch. They ignore his protests and shove him onto the stage, then yank...
Vote For Women
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding, Luci Reign, Tindra Frost January 31, 2020
Women are trying to get the vote but they don't plan on leaving anything to chance. They have "fluffers" at all the polling stations and every time a man goes in to vote the girls pounce on him and "persuade" him to vote in their favor. Justin is their latest victim, planning to vote against the girls...
Three's A Crowd
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding December 20, 2019
Jake is desperate to fuck girlfriend Candice but she goes to sleep with her friend Lana in the other room. After they are asleep, Jake creeps in and starts fondling Candice. She wakes up and they start kissing and arousing each other. She sits on his face and sucks his cock - all while Lana is asleep...
Making Ends Meet
Candice Demellza, Lana Harding October 11, 2019
Lana's boyfriend walks in with a bill to pay and insists she goes on webcam to make the money. Lana has other ideas and makes him go on cam instead, saying there will be plenty of gay guys and women that will pay to watch him. She logs him on and tells him to strip before getting behind him and pretending...