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Models / Carly G

Avg Rating: 4.2

Carly G Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy MILF
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  5 June 2020

Carly G, also known as Carly Cumslut, is a 40-year-old MILF from the south east of England.
She has been in the adult industry for over ten years and has featured in everything from fetish to full sex.
She looks much younger than her years and her 36-24-36 body with huge DD cup tits is still to die for!
Carly G Updates

Study Break
April Paisley, Carly G, Ebony Fairy, Miss Amelia December 9, 2022
Teacher Carly is worried that April is studying too much and asks April and Ebony to take her mind off the books. Little does she realize they plan to distract her by using a male friend of theirs! They smuggle him into the common room and strip him naked as April stares in shock. They push her hand...
See Through App
April Paisley, Carly G, Ebony Fairy, Miss Amelia August 26, 2022
April has produced an app that sees through people's clothes. She tests it on Dan and the girls are amazed when they see his big penis through his trousers. When Dan grabs the iPad and points it at Ebony's chest he is excited to see her beautiful tits but the girls call him a pervert. They undress him...
Porn Buddies
April Paisley, Carly G, Ebony Fairy, Miss Amelia June 24, 2022
April, Ebony and Amelia have come to visit Carly and her husband to confront him about something! It turns out he is "porn buddies" with Amelia's husband. She explains how porn buddies agree to dispose of a friend's porn stash if anything happens to them. Marc denies it but they know where he keeps his...
Big Baby
April Paisley, Carly G, Ebony Fairy, Miss Amelia April 8, 2022
When Cedric comes home from a hard day, his step mum has an unusual way of relaxing him. She treats him like a big baby and lets hum suckle on her tit! When her three friends walk in they are shocked and notice Cedric rubbing his groin. They tell Carly that he is getting aroused from sucking on her nipples...
Domina Shows Off
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost September 25, 2020
Domina Tindra is entertaining another dignitary from Rome. Carly brags about the males in her household so Tindra decides to show off. She brings out big Brutus and makes him lift his tunic, exposing his already hard cock. Carly is very impressed with his size and wants to see more so Tindra commands...
Prisoner Processing
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost July 31, 2020
Officers Mandy and Carly are processing a new prisoner at the jail. As they strip him naked and search all his cavities they are surprised at how muscular he is and how hard his cock is without them even touching it! When prison warden Tindra walks in she is appalled and assumes they have been playing...
Use Me Booth
Carly G, Mandy Foxxx, Tindra Frost June 5, 2020
Jake has agreed to help out at the State Fair's Kiss Me Booth. He is surprised when organizer Tindra starts tying him to the chair and even more shocked when the first girl goes to unzip his pants. The girls show him the sign where they have changed it to "use" me booth. The line of girls are now going...