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Models / Eva Simmonds

Avg Rating: 3.8

Eva Simmonds Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Classy Look
Date Joined:  October 19, 2010

Fresh-faced Eva is a newcomer to the world of adult modelling. The 23-year-old Londoner has previously worked in a bank and travel agents but found it boring.

Standing at nearly 5"10 and with an athletic body she is certainly a match for any man and is now interested in pursuing a career as a dominatrix and glamour model so expect to see much more of her on the internet very soon.
Eva Simmonds Updates

Learning To Fuck
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella April 8, 2011
Inexperienced Tiffany has asked sex expert Renee Richards to teach her how to be an expert in bed. For her first lesson Tiffany is shocked to find a young stud and two female spectators in the room but before she knows what is going on, Renee has her on her knees with the naked boy's cock in her mouth....
Scotsman's Kilt
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella January 21, 2011
The girls are getting ready to go out to a party and are waiting for Alistair to come and pick them up. When he turns up they discover he is wearing the complete Scottish kilt outfit and Renee can't help but grab hold of the lovely tartan kilt to feel its quality. By doing so she accidentally brushes...
Gloryhole CFNM
Blondie Fesser, Eva Simmonds, Renee Richards, Tiffany Ella October 22, 2010
Eva has sneaked into the toilet so she can send a private text message but as she is sitting there she suddenly cries out in shock as a penis emerges through a hole in the wall! She calls out for friends Renee, Laura and Ella who rush in. The other girls are stunned as well but streetwise Renee tells...