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Models / Roxi Keogh

Avg Rating: 4.7

Roxi Keogh Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Toned
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  19 October 2016
Twitter:  @RoxiKeogh

Sexy redhead Roxi is a babe channel presenter and glamour model from the Midlands in England.
A former drama student, Roxi is great with storylines and creating sexy and believable scenarios. Her perfect 30-26-28 figure with huge FF cup tits certainly helps too!
Roxi Keogh Updates

Art Thief Penance
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex February 11, 2022
Art thief John has snuck into the gallery but just as he is making off with a priceless piece, he is apprehended by three girls. They were watching him on the security cameras and handcuff him ready to call the police. Then they decide to have their own fun with him first, yanking down his pants and...
Teasing The Nerd
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex December 10, 2021
Nerdy Shayan is playing a video game when Ellie and Sofia walk in. They tease him for being a geek and say he should be looking at porn not playing games. They joke about whether his balls have dropped and then decide to take a look, yanking him up and stripping him. Ignoring his protests they help themselves...
No Choice
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex October 8, 2021
After getting caught with his pants down by Bluelah and Jess in "New Manager", the girls have shared the photos round the office and now three more secretaries want to see Max's big dick. When he is reluctant, they threaten to send them to his wife so he soon strips naked and has them gasping at his...
Tennis Tent
Ellie Louise, Roxi Keogh, Sofia Rex August 20, 2021
Three ladies are shocked when the tennis pro appears to be rubbing himself against their asses during a lesson. When he develops a visible boner, they challenge him about it and threaten to go to the club committee. He begs them not to and they agree - providing he strips naked and shows them what was...
Dead Hand Gang
Lacey Taste, Roxi Keogh, Scarlett Rose, Valentina Cruz March 19, 2021
When Justin hears of a new wanking trick called the Dead Hand Gang he can't wait to try it. He strips naked, gets some porn on his iPad and sits on his hands for 20 minutes so they will go numb and feel like someone else's hands! The problem is, he goes too far and when Lacey walks in he can't move his...
Men's Range
Lacey Taste, Roxi Keogh, Scarlett Rose, Valentina Cruz January 15, 2021
Roxi has invited the girls round for an Anne Summers party so she can sell some of the new range. After showing them the new girls products she surprises them by announcing she has some of the men's range in - and has a young man to model them! The girls are in hysterics as the guy comes in wearing different...
End Of Innocence
Lacey Taste, Roxi Keogh, Scarlett Rose, Valentina Cruz November 13, 2020
Three experienced women are sharing their sex stories over coffee but they notice that Lacey isn't joining in. They ask the young girl about her naughty stories but she hasn't got any. Further investigation reveals she has never even seen a penis before! The other girls decide to change this and, much...
Yoga Perv
Lacey Taste, Roxi Keogh, Scarlett Rose, Valentina Cruz September 4, 2020
Valentina is running her regular yoga class when a new guy arrives to join in. The only free space is at the back but he soon gets distracted by the female asses bending over in front of him. When he instinctively starts groping himself Roxi notices and confronts him. All the girls surround him and yank...
No Nut November
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh June 21, 2019
Jason is doing "No Nut November" to raise money for prostate cancer charities. When the girls find out this means he isn't able to cum for the whole month they find it hilarious. They start teasing him, bending over him and letting him see down their tops. They want to see how big his balls are after...
Cheating Cheerleaders
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh April 12, 2019
Three cheerleaders visit the referee's office before their team's big game to coerce him into helping their side win! The referee is having none of it but girls start bending over in front of him and letting him see up their skirts. They stand him up and say they will help him get dressed for the game...
Schoolgirl Curiosity
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh February 1, 2019
Three mean schoolgirls have tied up one of their classmates and yanked his trousers down so they can see their first penis! The girls giggle as they see it then get closer and dare each other to touch it. As they each have a go they are confused as it gets bigger and bigger. They then wonder what it...
Can We Finish?
Cherry English, Lola Lee, Roxi Keogh, Sapphire Rose December 28, 2018
Frank is getting a blowjob off Lola when her 3 friends suddenly walk in! He covers up embarrassed as Lola laughs and tells the girls she wants to finish him off before they have their night off. To his horror the girls sit down and watch as Lola starts on his cock again. Cherry falls off her chair she...
Library Voyeurs
Cherry English, Lola Lee, Roxi Keogh, Sapphire Rose October 26, 2018
Billy has always fancied Sapphire so when she invites him to the library after hours and offers to show him her body he excitedly agrees. He strips off for her, unaware that behind the book shelves, three other girls are filming him naked. Once they have enough footage to blackmail him into doing their...
Meet Her Boss
Cherry English, Lola Lee, Roxi Keogh, Sapphire Rose August 24, 2018
Roxi is bringing her boss and two colleagues home to meet boyfriend Jason as she hopes to get him a job. She is horrified when they walk in to find him jerking off to a porn mag. Boss Lola doesn't seem to mind and tells him to carry on while they watch. It's not long before Roxi's colleagues decide to...
Curing Inexperience
Mandy Slim, Roxi Keogh, Sade Rose, Vickie Powell August 4, 2017
Sade is upset because her lack of experience with men is stopping her from having a relationship. Her three friends decide to solve this and call the gardener in from outside. Sade dies of embarrassment as they ask him to strip and when he hesitates they pounce on him and rip his clothes off. The young...
Defending Naturism
Mandy Slim, Roxi Keogh, Sade Rose, Vickie Powell June 9, 2017
A TV chat show is debating the pros and cons of naturism and have a naked male on their panel. As he debates with two anti-nudity feminists, third female panelist Mandy grabs his cock and starts wanking it. This Dutch girl is in favour of naturism herself and as she makes his dick rock hard the other...
Prank Apology
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh April 21, 2017
Max has been in the bathroom so long that when he comes out Roxi pulls a prank on him and steals his towel, exposing his cock to Holly. Later she feels guilty and goes to apologize but seems more interested in having another look than saying sorry. She is soon wanking his cock - just as Holly walks in!...
8 Hand Massage
Mandy Slim, Roxi Keogh, Sade Rose, Vickie Powell April 7, 2017
One lucky punter at the massage parlor has ordered the 8 hand massage - a 4 girl session of total ecstasy. Firstly the girls massage him with oils, regularly caressing the cock between his legs. They then get him on all fours so they can each jerk him off like they are milking a cow! They then give him...
Nude Attraction
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh February 17, 2017
TV game show Nude Attraction gets female contestants to pick their new boyfriends by judging them in the nude. Today, Holly from Peterborough has 3 naked guys to choose from. When their cocks are revealed, host Roxi and her assistant Jesse join Holly in having a good grope of all the exposed cocks! One...
Dying Wish
Roxi Keogh, Roxxy Lea January 27, 2017
Two nurses begin their shift and get hoodwinked by a patient who convinces them he is dying. He then tells them he has just one dying wish - a final orgasm. He tells them he is single and they take pity on him, giving him a raunchy bed bath and soapy handjob before Roxxy cleans his cock and shoves it...
Smile Please
Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne, Roxi Keogh December 16, 2016
When Jack loses a bet to Holly and has to pose naked for some photos he has no idea she plans to invite two of her girl friends as well! He reluctantly strips off and the girls get him to pose as they snap away with their phones. They take group selfies with his cock to send to all their friends and...