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Models / Louise Lee

Avg Rating: 3.9

Louise Lee Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  4 January 2019
Twitter:  @LouiseLeeXXX1

Buxom babe Louise is a glamour model turned pornstar from Leeds. She loves getting her E cup melons out for the boys so keeping her clothes on during a CFNM shoot was very new to her!
The 29-year-old blonde is no stranger to sucking cock though and had to be held back when the guys started getting naked!
This cock hungry slut loved being in control and definitely had a dominant streak in her!
Louise Lee Updates

Couple's Massage
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet March 3, 2023
Louise and Justin have a couple's massage booked at the spa. Zuzu gets to work on Louise but Justin makes the mistake of lying face up as Sofia begins massaging him. The sight of the two beautiful girls rubbing their hands all over his body soon has him tenting and Sofia lifts up his towel and giggles...
Curiosity Show
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet October 14, 2022
Sofia has never seen a penis before and talks her friend Jake into showing her his willy. But as he opens his robe and reveals his cock, her two friends Louise and Zuzu walk in and catch them red handed! They are shocked that she has never seen a penis and sit with her to enjoy the show. Jake is embarassed...
Coach's Orders
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet July 29, 2022
Tomorrow is the biggest game of the season so the coach has sent his three sexiest cheerleaders to "relax" his star player. They push their way into his room and undress him, ignoring his protests that he has to study. When they yank down his boxers and see his huge dick they can't keep their hands off...
Desperate Divorcees
Louise Lee, Sofia Rex, Zuzu Sweet May 13, 2022
Sofia and Zuzu are celebrating the anniversary of their divorces but they confide in Louise that they do miss cock! The two stunners haven't had much sexual activity since splitting with their partners but Louise decides to help them out. Her own husband is sex mad and she can't keep up. She calls him...
Health Check Humiliation
Honour May, Kylie Nymphette, Louise Lee December 6, 2019
Dave is in for his annual company medical but when he strips off, the nurse is shocked by how small his penis is. She calls in another nurse for some help and she, too, can't believe his tiny size. They call a third girl in who confronts him and asks if he enjoys being humiliated for his size. When he...
Big New Boyfriend
Honour May, Kylie Nymphette, Louise Lee October 4, 2019
Kylie is bragging to her friends about how big her new boyfriend's cock is but they don't believe her. She gets so frustrated that she decides to prove it to them and calls him in. When she pulls his trousers down, the girls' eyes grow wider and wider as the big cock flops, still soft, into view. They...
Special Arrangement 2
Honour May, Kylie Nymphette, Louise Lee August 2, 2019
Honour has moved into the house formerly owned by Stephanie Blows. When she moved out, Stephanie told Honour about the "Special Arrangement" she has with her next door neighbor. Honour carried on the tradition and today is explaining to her two friends how Justin likes to expose himself to women. The...
Body Swap
Amina Danger, Louise Lee, Melody Pleasure May 31, 2019
At the end of a party Jonny asks Louise about a tribal headdress hanging on her wall. She warns him not to touch it as it has the power to swap people's bodies, but he ignores her. The following morning they are horrified to discover it works! Louise wakes up in his body and suddenly has a cock - that...
Geek Make Over
Amina Danger, Louise Lee, Melody Pleasure March 29, 2019
The girls are getting ready for a night out when they discover that Louise wants to bring her geeky friend Paul with them. Melody and Amina aren't going to cramp their style with a loser like that so they decide to give him a make over. They rip his clothes off and Melody fetches some super cool clothes...
It's Been Ages
Amina Danger, Louise Lee, Melody Pleasure January 4, 2019
Melody has invited the girls round to cheer up divorcee Louise. She orders her husband to serve them drinks in a tiny thong to give her friend a thrill. When she sees how much Louise enjoys the view she orders him to get his cock out. Louise is amazed by his hard dick and when Melody starts sucking it,...