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Models / Sasha Darkheart

Avg Rating: 5.0

Sasha Darkheart Vital Stats:
Hair:  Natural Brunette But Changes Colour Regularly
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Filthy MILF
Date Joined:  16 December 2022
Twitter:  @SashaDarkHeart

Naughty MILF Sasha was a dental nurse before giving it all up for porn. Fed up with putting her fingers inside guy's mouths, she decided she preferred to put the guy's dicks inside her mouth!
Hailing from London, the 5"7 sex mad brunette often changes her hair colour to shades of pinks and purples.
A regular swinger and party girl, she is always at the front with her mouth open, loving nothing more than sucking a cock to a swallow completion!
Sasha Darkheart Updates

Team Health Check
Ellie Shou, Honey Hera, Sasha Darkheart June 21, 2024
Sash's medical team has to give the whole football team a physical. She is concerned that her assistants, Honey and Ellie, will struggle to concentrate with these hunky men around. When the first guy walks in naked and they have to check over his body, the girls start to become aroused. Dru is next with...
Jealous Girlfriend
Ellie Shou, Honey Hera, Sasha Darkheart April 19, 2024
Sasha is on a night out with boyfriend Dru when two girls next to them ask him to take their photo. They get him to take more and more revealing pics, even getting him to pose with them and it soon becomes too much for Sasha. She erupts and tells him he may as well show them everything then, undoing...
Pet Cock
Ellie Shou, Honey Hera, Sasha Darkheart February 16, 2024
Ellie is confiding in her friends that she isn't very experienced with men. Honey tells her to just practice on her "pet cock" to get good at pleasing them. Ellie and Sasha look confused and ask what a pet cock is. To their shock, Honey opens the wardrobe and drags out a naked man with a boner! He is...
Sex Noises
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex August 25, 2023
A group of friends are having a catch up and are interested in hearing about Peter's new girlfriend. He says she is wonderful, other than the strange noises she makes during sex! The girls laugh and say everyone makes animalistic noises during good sex. When Peter disagrees and says he is silent during...
Clothes Swap
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex June 23, 2023
Four girls are on a hen do in the same bar as a stag do. They have given the bachelor some tasks and the first is to swap clothes with the hen! The girls think its hilarious and urge bachelorette Honey to do it. She strips off and reveals her perfect big tits, quickly putting on the man's shirt as he...
Let Us Out
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex March 31, 2023
Four naughty girls are locked in jail when DCI Marc Kaye comes to interrogate them. The girls are repentant and offer to do anything to gain their release. The pervy old police officers senses an opportunity and enters their cell as the girls start to seduce him. Although they still have their hands...
World Cup Bet
Honey Hera, Kendall Kay, Sasha Darkheart, Sofia Rex December 16, 2022
Sofia is fed up that Billy is watching so much World Cup football! She makes a bet with him that if Japan beat Germany then he can't watch any more football. He is so confident in Germany winning that he agrees and says he will also streak naked in front of her friends. He becomes worried when Japan...