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Models / Ashleigh De Vere

Avg Rating: 5.0

Ashleigh De Vere Vital Stats:
Hair:  Red
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Date Joined:  16 November 2018
Twitter:  @AshleighDeVere

27-year-old Ashleigh originally hails from Ireland and gets her kicks by working in the porn industry.
She says she enjoys nothing more than going home and telling her husband all the naughty things she has been doing that day!
The curvy redhead with D cup tits has previously worked as a glamour model and TV chat channel babe before moving into more hardcore scenes.
Ashleigh De Vere Updates

Library Committee
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones March 22, 2019
Librarian Samantha has called a meeting of the committee to discuss a disturbing event she witnessed recently. It turns out she caught a young couple in a compromising position on the library webcam! Her colleagues are confused so she decides to demonstrate what happened on colleague Jonny. He is shocked...

Nightclub Liberties
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones January 18, 2019
Marc is enjoying a drink at his local Boobies bar when he gropes waitress Tory's tits. A few minutes later he grabs Samantha's ass and the waitresses decide to gang up and teach him a lesson - just because they are in skimpy outfits doesn't mean he can touch! They start groping him to see how he likes...

Losing Him
Ashleigh De Vere, Samantha Page, Tory Jones November 16, 2018
Ashleigh confides in her friends that she is worried she is losing Jake. He doesn't think she is adventurous enough in the bedroom so she asks for their help. She begs them to join in and give him a foursome so he will think she is the best girlfriend ever! Samantha creeps in and strips to her lingerie...