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Models / Emma Leigh

Avg Rating: 4.8

Emma Leigh Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  October 22, 2013

Essex girl Emma is a 21-year-old brunette slut who just loves sex. Her curvy 34G-28-34 figure and huge natural tits means she was born to fuck.

She has featured on both HeyLittleDick and PureCFNM despite only being back in the adult industry a short time.

It is her second outing as a porn star having previously shot a number of scenes under the name Tessa Thrills just after she turned 18.
Emma Leigh Updates

Park Flasher
Emma Leigh, Lola Rae, Satine Spark, Tina Kay December 9, 2016
Tina and Emma are walking through the park when they see a guy flash his cock at two young girls. They grab hold of him and march him back to the girls who want to punish him. They laugh at him and slap his cock, then they make him jerk off while they watch. As his cock grows the girls want to have a...
Nudist Show Offs
Emma Leigh, Lola Rae, Satine Spark, Tina Kay October 7, 2016
Three girls out for a walk in the countryside stumble across a nudist colony and decide to have a cheeky peak. When the nudists spot them they invite them over and the girls are soon face to face with several dangling penises! Female nudist Tina is proud of her camp mates and tells the girls their cocks...
Flask Fucker
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox July 24, 2015
Young Billy has the house to himself and thinks it would be horny to slide his dick in and out of a flask while looking through a porn mag. Unfortunately for him, his female housemates come home early and the vacuum effect means his dick has become stuck! After laughing and humiliating him they help...
Writer's Block
Emma Leigh, Samantha Page June 26, 2015
Emma is struggling with writer's block as she tries to write the key sex scene for her book. Flatmate Samantha decides she needs some visual stimulation and grabs hold of their friend Mac and starts taking his clothes off. "Just write what you see," she says as she starts wanking and sucking his dick....
Youth Hostel
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox May 15, 2015
Three backpackers turn the lights out so they can get some sleep. Shortly after, Tyler walks in and strips off, not realizing he is in the wrong room. When he tries to get into bed the girls turn the lights on and grab hold of him, assuming he was being a pervert. When they see how good-looking he is...
Ice Bucket Challenge
Alessa Savage, Emma Leigh, Stella Cox February 20, 2015
Steve has been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge and his three female friends can't wait to tip the freezing water over him. As it hits him they erupt with laughter but soon realize that he is shivering badly. They help him out of his wet clothes and wrap towels around him before using their hands...
Displayed For Wife's Friends
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor August 1, 2014
Adele is halfway through her Anne Summers party when her boyfriend returns early from the pub. He disappears to the bedroom but she decides to enlist his help in making some sales to her friends. She persuades him to put on one of the skimpy men's thong she is trying to sell. But as he models it for...
Broken Leg
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor March 28, 2014
When Justin hobbles into the emergency room with a broken leg, matron quickly decides he needs his bandages changing. He is very reluctant to remove his trousers to let the nurses do this as he has no underwear on but the bossy matron tells him to stop being silly. As his trousers come off, the younger...
Welcome To The Convent
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor October 25, 2013
A new sister is being shown round the convent today. When Father Trevor discovers she is still an innocent virgin he decides to take advantage of the opportunity. He exposes his cock to her, explaining that as he isn't allowed to relieve himself, maybe she could do it for him. The young girl is shocked...