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Models / Sally Cream

Avg Rating: 3.6

Sally Cream Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  October 5, 2010

Mature model Sally is a no-nonsense farmers daughter from Yorkshire, England. The 41-year-old has been modelling for top shelf magazines and websites for nearly 3 years and says she specialises in disciplining naughty boys.

The 34DD blonde was on set with Faye Taylor, a friend of her daughter's, but certainly didn't have any inhibitions about working with the younger girls. "Faye knows what I am like so she wasn't shocked," she laughed.
Sally Cream Updates

Army Recruitment
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream May 9, 2014
Sergeant Kiss and Recruiter Sally have had a slow day trying to convince young men to join the army. When shy boy Ralph walks in to enquire about enlisting they talk him through everything he needs to know. The boy still seems unsure and they soon find out it's because he doesn't want to be away from...
Body Painting
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream February 7, 2014
Amateur artists Sally and Holly have talked their next door neighbour into letting them paint his body for one of their art projects. The guy is quite nervous as he strips off in front of them and as they start applying the paint to his groin area, he struggles to control his erection. The ladies move...
Wrong End Of The Stick
Holly Kiss, Sally Cream November 8, 2013
When Rod insults Billy's football team he jumps on his back and starts play fighting with him, just as teachers Holly and Sally walk in. They get the wrong end of the stick, seeing the boys in a compromising situation and assume they were trying to have gay sex. They send bad apple Rod out and try teaching...
The Witches Spell
Evey Krystal, Sally Cream, Sarah Jane June 8, 2012
John fancies one of the girls from work but hasn't been able to ask her out. He is desperate and visits three "wickens", modern day witches, to see if there is a spell that can help him. He has managed to get some of the girl's hair and it seems that if the witches add the hair and a fresh sample of...
Cheating Husband
Evey Krystal, Sally Cream, Sarah Jane December 2, 2011
Evey's husband is on the phone to his mistress telling her how much he wants to fuck her brains out. Unfortunately, Evey walks in and overhears and then creeps out to tell her friends about it. They hatch a plan to confront him and when he walks in she grabs him by the balls and accuses him of cheating....
Young Girls Have No Idea
Evey Krystal, Sally Cream, Sarah Jane July 22, 2011
Sally has hired a plumber to fix her leaky kitchen sink but when she leaves him to get on with his work, Evey and Sarah Jane decide to have some fun with him. They lean over him to get to the sink and let him accidentally see right up their skirts and when Sally returns she sees he has a massive bulge...
Robbed And Tied
Faye Taylor, Megan Coxxx, Roxy Red, Sally Cream April 1, 2011
Jim is making a cup of tea at home when two masked robbers burst in, tie him up and steal his expensive new video camera. Outside in the street, teacher Sally is going door to door with three of her schoolgirls trying to raise money for their skiing trip. When they discover Jim's predicament they realise...
Wheelchair Flasher
Faye Taylor, Megan Coxxx, Roxy Red, Sally Cream December 31, 2010
Nurse Sally is taking George for a walk round the hospital grounds. As she pushes his wheelchair along a country path they pass three girls and suddenly George whips the blanket off his legs and reveals he has got no trousers or underwear on! The girls cry out in shock as they see his cock and Sally...
Wet T Shirts
Faye Taylor, Megan Coxxx, Roxy Red, Sally Cream October 8, 2010
Lola, Roxy and Faye are eyeing up the new gardener while he is filling up the swimming pool with a hosepipe. They decide to go over and chat to him but as they tap him on the shoulder he jumps with shock and accidentally sprays them all with the hose. The girls t-shirts get soaked and the gardener can...