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Models / Amber Leigh

Avg Rating: 4.3

Amber Leigh Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  February 17, 2006

25-year-old Amber just can't get enough of CFNM. She has done four shoots for PureCFNM now and still wants more!

"Why wouldn't I want to keep on coming back?" she says. "What's more fun than getting together with some girlfriends and humiliating and eventually milking a guy who is totally at our mercy?"
Amber Leigh Updates

Caught Watching CFNM
Amber Leigh, Crystal Lei, Lydia Lust October 10, 2008
Amber is sitting at home with her two friends wondering what to do tonight. They decide to go to the cinema but when Amber goes to the computer to see what is showing that night she gets a shock. Pictures of clothed women and naked men come onto the screen and as the girls gather round the computer it...
Helping The Divorcee
Amber Leigh, Crystal Lei, Lydia Lust May 30, 2008
It's been six months since Amber got divorced and her confidence with men is a bit low. As a result she hasn't had any sexual fun in a long time. As they sit chatting over coffee, her friends Lydia and Crystal decide to do something about it. When Amber says she isn't interested in going to a bar to...
Nicotine Drives Them Crazy
Amber Leigh, Crystal Lei, Lydia Lust January 4, 2008
After their session with the hypnotherapist to give up smoking, Lydia, Amber and Crystal are convinced they are cured. They are outside having a drink when Dave comes out for a cigarette. Without realizing why, the girls get one sniff of the nicotine and pounce on the poor guy ripping at his clothes...
Giving Up Smoking
Amber Leigh, Crystal Lei, Lydia Lust November 16, 2007
Three girls have gone to a hypnotist to give up smoking. He talks to them about the dangers of smoking and then puts them into a trance. However, once they are in a deep sleep he sees his opportunity and quickly strips naked before playing with himself right in front of them! They don't stir so he stands...
Wrong Showers
Amber Leigh, Bryony, Jamie Lee, Nicole Mason January 12, 2007
The girls are making their way into the shower area to have a jacuzzi when to their shock they find a man having a shower in their changing room! They watch him for a bit and then sneak over and steal his towel while he isn't looking. When he finished his shower and discovers his towel gone they jump...
Naked In The Elevator
Amber Leigh, Bryony, Jamie Lee, Nicole Mason November 24, 2006
John has been caught cheating by his girlfriend and she throws him out in the corridor without any clothes on and with only his car keys! He manages to get to the elevator without being seen but just as he thinks he is going to make it to the safety of the car park, four business women come out of a...
Cuffing The Prisoner
Amber Leigh, Bryony, Jamie Lee, Nicole Mason November 3, 2006
Prison officer Sarah is escorting a female prisoner to her cell when fellow prisoner Dan starts making a fuss about not getting any food. His court-appointed lawyers turn up and while they are requesting to see their client he tries to grab and grope the female prisoner. Sarah is very unhappy about this...
Tied To The Bed
Amber Leigh, Ashleigh Mckenzie, Bexy, Jenny Lang March 17, 2006
After seeing him accidentally cum in front of them in their art class, the students are desperate to see Nick's hot body again. Even the teacher wants another look at this strapping lad and his big cock so they sneak into his bedroom and tie his hands to the bed before waking him up. As Nick struggles...
The Talk Show
Amber Leigh, Bexy, Jenny Lang March 3, 2006
Samantha Richards has been asked onto Jenny's Talk Show to be interviewed about her new book "Cock on a leash". The book is all about how women can control men through their penises. Jenny can't believe it is happening on live TV but Samantha brings on a male model to demonstrate. The model removes...
The Life Model
Amber Leigh, Ashleigh Mckenzie, Bexy, Jenny Lang February 17, 2006
Nick has been booked as the subject of a life drawing class but when he turns up there are only girls in the class and the female teacher instructs him they wish to draw him with a hard on so they can study shadows for their art project. He isn't sure at first as it a very unusual request but the teacher...