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Models / Amber Deen

Avg Rating: 4.9

Amber Deen Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  20 January 2017
Twitter:  @amberdeenxxx

Scottish bombshell Amber is a newcomer to the adult industry having previously been a pole dancer.
A friend in the industry invited her to watch a shoot and the 27-year-old was instantly hooked.
"I'm a very sexual person anyway so working in the porn industry seemed like a natural next step" she said.
Amber Deen Updates

Illegal Erection
Amber Deen, Charlie Monaco, Maya Luna July 24, 2020
In the future, scientists have discovered a way to breed without sex. Men have become subservient and sexual arousal is strictly prohibited. The government's Anti Erection department checks thousands of males every day to ensure they are flaccid. But today three of their female employees are shocked...
Aroused Art Nude
Amber Deen, Charlie Monaco, Maya Luna May 29, 2020
Teacher Charlie has arranged for a male life model for the art class today and Maya and Amber giggle as he takes off his robe and his big cock springs into view. As they draw him his dick bobs up and down with arousal and becomes erect. The teacher confronts him but the students just want a closer look...
Reverse Facial
Amber Deen, Charlie Monaco, Maya Luna March 13, 2020
Amber has met a guy at a nightclub who bought her a few drinks but now he expects her to pay him back - in kind! He pushes her to her knees and unzips his trousers, telling her to suck it so he can cum on her face. But she grabs him by the balls and calls her girlfriends in to back her up. They decide...
No Nut November
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh June 21, 2019
Jason is doing "No Nut November" to raise money for prostate cancer charities. When the girls find out this means he isn't able to cum for the whole month they find it hilarious. They start teasing him, bending over him and letting him see down their tops. They want to see how big his balls are after...
Cheating Cheerleaders
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh April 12, 2019
Three cheerleaders visit the referee's office before their team's big game to coerce him into helping their side win! The referee is having none of it but girls start bending over in front of him and letting him see up their skirts. They stand him up and say they will help him get dressed for the game...
Schoolgirl Curiosity
Amber Deen, Honour May, Roxi Keogh February 1, 2019
Three mean schoolgirls have tied up one of their classmates and yanked his trousers down so they can see their first penis! The girls giggle as they see it then get closer and dare each other to touch it. As they each have a go they are confused as it gets bigger and bigger. They then wonder what it...
Relax At Work
Amber Deen, Honour May, Mellisa Medisson, Sapphire Rose September 14, 2018
Honour has been on a management training course where she learnt a relaxed work force is a productive one. She has encouraged her team to act like they are at home when they are in the office but the message hasn't sunk in. She decides to demonstrate with young Sam, putting porn onto his PC and shocking...
Imagine Them Naked
Amber Deen, Anita Bellini, Charlie Ten July 27, 2018
Charlie is panicking about giving a public presentation but her boss Amber advises her to imagine the audience naked to relax her. As Charlie stutters through the first part she remembers the advice but when she opens her eyes all the men in the room really ARE naked! To put her off even more, Amber...
World Cup Distraction
Amber Deen, Honour May, Mellisa Medisson, Sapphire Rose June 22, 2018
Ricky is settling down to watch England in the World Cup when his girlfriend and her three friends come in wanting to use the TV. When he refuses they hatch a plan to ruin his enjoyment. They go next door and change into skimpy England bikinis and then come back in saying they want to support too. Their...
Gates Of Heaven
Amber Deen, Anita Bellini, Charlie Ten March 23, 2018
Poor Stirling has died and is greeted at the gates of heaven by three angels in skimpy outfits. They explain that they are going to show him how wonderful it is in heaven. They then strip him naked and wank and suck his cock until he has a big orgasm for them. "We will do this to you every day if you...
Straight Jacket Liberties
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins September 29, 2017
Angelina is giving two ladies a tour of the mental hospital when they come across Bob playing chess with himself. She explains that Bob was committed after flashing women in the park and he is here to learn he can only get his cock out when the woman consents. To prove her point she yanks his trousers...
Giggling Ballbusters
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins July 28, 2017
Yoga teacher Barbie is going to punish Jason for perving on the girls during her class. She says they will all give him a handjob - providing he lets them kick and slap him in the nuts! He reluctantly agrees and the girls strip him naked before taking turns to kick and knee him in the balls. They then...
Yoga Pants
Amber Deen, Antonia Sainz, Tina Kay May 26, 2017
Three girls are looking round the best gym in the area but when they hear the price they are determined to get a discount out of the manager. They seduce him with their sexy yoga pants and soon have him tenting at the sight of their toned asses. They strip him naked and take turns to rub his hard cock...
Wildest Thing Ever
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins May 19, 2017
Four friends are discussing the wildest things they have ever done in their lives. Justin admits he once did a striptease in front of 100 women for charity! When he says he even still has the strippers thong he used, the girls insist on seeing him in action. He reluctantly does a striptease as the girls...
Alternative Treatment
Amber Deen, Antonia Sainz, Tina Kay March 24, 2017
Luke has been in a serious accident and three nurses are today starting his treatment. They begin by resuscitating the nerves around the groin and are planning to move up a bit each day. The young nurses giggle as his robe is lifted and they see his beautiful cock. As they take turns to play with it...
No Fraternizing
Amber Deen, Antonia Sainz, Tina Kay January 20, 2017
Tina has traced the resignations of some of her top female executives to the fact they slept with Dru from the sales team. She calls him in for a showdown and along with her two assistants, she wants to see what all the fuss is about. They strip him naked and their eyes widen in shock as his huge cock...