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Models / Gigi Rouge

Avg Rating: 4.9

Gigi Rouge Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Blowjob Expert
Date Joined:  3 September 2021
Twitter:  @littlegigi79

It's not just Gigi's flame red hair that is stunning, her face, figure and personality are too!
originally from Wales, the 5"7 babe now lives in south west England and earns her money webcamming and modelling.
Her gym-toned body is in high remand, along with her luscious lips - renowned for giving the best blowjobs!
Gigi Rouge Updates

Going Viral
Gigi Rouge, Lacey Amour January 27, 2023
News anchor Gigi Rouge ends her broadcast and comes onto the cute make up guy, pulling down his trousers and sucking his dick - not realizing the cameras were still rolling. As the production crew watched on in horror, millions of people saw the blowjob and the video soon went viral. A few weeks later...
Office Junior
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil September 2, 2022
Spanish girl Venom is fed up of being perved on by the new office junior so her secretary colleagues decide to teach him a lesson. They call him in and tease him by letting him looking up their skirts and down their blouses and accidentally rub their ass in his crotch as they walk past him. When he gets...
Free Use
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil June 10, 2022
In return for staying in the apartment, Justin has agreed to have his body freely used by the girls whenever they want. When Lara comes home from work stressed she decides to have free use of his cock. Justin continues reading his book as all three girls take turns fondling his package. They then yank...
Phone Finder
Gigi Rouge, Lara Lee, Venom Evil March 25, 2022
Gigi is distraught because she has lost her phone. Fortunately, just then, Lara's phone rings and it is a stranger who has found the phone in the local park. He offers to drop it round and the girls celebrate and discuss how they are going to thank him. When Calvin walks in and they see what a fit young...
My Friends Are Here
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose January 21, 2022
Epiphany is horrified to catch her step dad jerking off in his room. What's worse is that she has friends round and they follow her in before she can stop them. The 4 girls stare shocked at his big throbbing cock and then decide they want a feel. Epiphany tells them to stop but the young girls are horny...
Slut Grapevine
Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Jasmine Brooks January 14, 2022
SIX amazing cumshots in this one scene! Epiphany has heard about this gloryhole in town where a girl can suck as much cock aas she wants. When she checks it out she finds two hard dicks sticking through the cubicle holes and she gets to work, sucking them both until they shoot their loads all over her....
Twister Teaser
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose November 19, 2021
When the girls decide to play Twister, Dimitri is less than excited about having to join in. But as they stretch out over the board, he ends up with the girls faces inches from his groin. The girls are shocked at how big his bulge looks and whisper to each other. Before he knows what is happening, they...
Foot Fanatic
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose September 3, 2021
Pascal is at a house party when he sneaks off to the kitchen with Gigi. He is into feet and soon has her shoe off and is sucking her toes - when his girlfriend Chloe walks in with her friends! She is very unhappy and yanks down his trousers in front of everyone to show how turned on he gets by feet....