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Models / Lana Rose

Avg Rating: 4.7

Lana Rose Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Perfect Tits
Date Joined:  3 September 2021
Twitter:  @Lanarose2020

Beautiful blonde Lana is a bohemian free spirit from the midlands of England. The 26-year-old has the most perfect 32D tits you will ever see - and they are all natural too!
She was on her first professional shoot when she visited the set of PureCFNM, but sadly her promising porn career may be cut short as she is soon moving to the other side of the world to teach surfing.
If she is in a bikini, we don't think the guys will learn a lot as they will be a bit distracted!
Lana Rose Updates

Daddy's Princesses
Lana Rose, Princess Anna, Queenie Gee April 5, 2024
Anna is fed up with her new husband thinking his "little princesses" do no wrong. She sets up a honey trap with her hot male stripper friend and when the slutty girls have their hands and mouths all over his big black cock, she secretly films them. Lana and Gee slurp all over his huge dick and don't...
No Smoking
Emily Walters, Lana Rose March 22, 2024
Lana and Emily are round the back of the bike sheds having a cheeky cigarette when a teacher catches them. He threatens to report them to the principal so the girls decide to persuade him not to. They start groping the front of his trousers and undoing his shirt. Soon they have him down to his boxers...
All Hail The King
Lana Rose, Princess Anna, Queenie Gee February 2, 2024
It's coronation day for prince Gus as he finally ascends to become the king of his lands. After receiving his crown, his beautiful hand servants ask him for his first command as monarch. He looks at the gorgeous girls and informs them he has never had an orgasm before. His first command is for them to...
Sympathetic Babysitters
Emily Walters, Lana Rose January 19, 2024
Sam's mum is very over protective so when she goes out she hires two babysitters to look after her adult son! They check on him and find him jerking off to porn on his laptop. They confiscate it but then take pity on him, realizing he is probably a virgin and hasn't got any experience with girls. In...
Like Father Like Son
Lana Rose, Princess Anna, Queenie Gee December 1, 2023
Anna is speaking to little Jimmy's parents about an incident of him flashing girls at school. The dad laughs and says he's a chip off the old block, but the females in the room are less than impressed. Behaviour specialist Gee walks in and suggests she uses a new technique on the errant father. The women...
Accidental Cleaner
Emily Walters, Lana Rose November 17, 2023
Lana asked Emily to arrange a cleaner for their flat. She finds Jon's ad online and gets him in and he starts hoovering the lounge. The girls head out and Jon strips naked because he is a naked cleaner. When Lana and Emily walk back in they are shocked to see his cock flopping about as he vacuums! They...
Feminist Rubbish
Lana Rose, Princess Anna, Queenie Gee September 29, 2023
Three feminist activists are preparing signs for a protest rally when their old fashioned, chauvinist landlord walks in. He is appalled at what he is seeing and makes sexist remarks that they should be in the kitchen cooking for their husbands not wasting time on "woke claptrap". The girls are disgusted...
Netball Play Thing
Chloe Famee, Lana Rose, Zuzu Sweet August 5, 2022
Multiple cumshot alert! Poor teacher Max is chained up and used by a string of netball beauties. Max is led into the girls changing room by stunning blonde Lana. She seduces him with her perfect young body, stripping to her lingerie to get him horny. She then pulls out his cock and strokes him until...
My Friends Are Here
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose January 21, 2022
Epiphany is horrified to catch her step dad jerking off in his room. What's worse is that she has friends round and they follow her in before she can stop them. The 4 girls stare shocked at his big throbbing cock and then decide they want a feel. Epiphany tells them to stop but the young girls are horny...
Twister Teaser
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose November 19, 2021
When the girls decide to play Twister, Dimitri is less than excited about having to join in. But as they stretch out over the board, he ends up with the girls faces inches from his groin. The girls are shocked at how big his bulge looks and whisper to each other. Before he knows what is happening, they...
Foot Fanatic
Chloe Famee, Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Lana Rose September 3, 2021
Pascal is at a house party when he sneaks off to the kitchen with Gigi. He is into feet and soon has her shoe off and is sucking her toes - when his girlfriend Chloe walks in with her friends! She is very unhappy and yanks down his trousers in front of everyone to show how turned on he gets by feet....