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Models / Jasmine Brooks

Avg Rating: 5.0

Jasmine Brooks Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Blowjob Expert
Date Joined:  13 December 2021
Twitter:  @MissJasmineBx

Jasmine is a 27-year-old amateur pornstar from the east coast of England. The busty MILF is heavily bisexual and loves threesomes and group play.
Her tits are a perfect C cup and are all natural and she prides herself on giving the best girlfriend style, sensual blowjobs.
Jasmine Brooks Updates

Pay Up
Bunny Saint, Honour May, Jasmine Brooks December 15, 2023
Dave has borrowed money off the wrong person. He gets a visit from three female enforcers who are going to collect one way or the other. He explains he doesn't have any money but the girls notice he is dripping in designer clothes. They strip him naked in order to sell the clothes but are shocked when...
Lay Offs
Bunny Saint, Honour May, Jasmine Brooks October 13, 2023
When Honour finds out that mean boss Robbie has fired her friend Bunny, she decides to get her job back. She goes to his office and seduces him, stripping him naked and getting his cock in her hand - just as Jasmine and Bunny walk in with their camera phones. Robbie is horrified but realizes they have...
Locker Check
Bunny Saint, Honour May, Jasmine Brooks August 11, 2023
Sam is in the middle of getting changed when 3 female teachers spring a random locker check on him. He covers himself but when teacher Honour tells him to put his hands above his head, the towel drops and his cock flops out in front of the hot MILFs. Honour tells him off for exposing himself but won't...
5 Second Boy
Bunny Saint, Honour May, Jasmine Brooks June 9, 2023
This is the sequel to "Schoolgirl Bullies". After being stripped and milked by 3 bitchy girls, Eugene was left naked. He goes in search of some clothes but bumps into Jasmine in the corridor. Hee persuades her to fetch his gym kit from the lockers, but when she returns she brings two more girls with...
Slut Grapevine
Epiphany Jones, Gigi Rouge, Jasmine Brooks January 14, 2022
SIX amazing cumshots in this one scene! Epiphany has heard about this gloryhole in town where a girl can suck as much cock aas she wants. When she checks it out she finds two hard dicks sticking through the cubicle holes and she gets to work, sucking them both until they shoot their loads all over her....