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Models / Sunflower Doll

Avg Rating: 4.9

Sunflower Doll Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Brand New To Porn
Date Joined:  4 February 2022
Twitter:  @Sunfl0werDoll

Beautiful young elf Sunflower is an eccentric young girl who was on her first ever professional shoot when she came to PureCFNM.
The 19-year-old from the west country describes herself as pan sexual and likes to be submissive in her private life.
She says she is naturally attracted to older men and is never happier than when she is being held down and fucked.
Sunflower Doll Updates

Wall Fucker
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 9, 2024
Gaz thinks he is at home alone and suctions a fleshlight to the wall so he can fuck it. Unfortunately his 4 female flatmates come home early and watch him fucking the wall! They even take a video of it to show their friends. When he realizes they are there, he is horrified and tries to cover up but the...
Mum Done Well
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll December 8, 2023
Marc is making himself a cup of tea when his girlfriend's three daughters stumble in after a night out. They want to know who he is and what he's doing in their kitchen! When he tells them, they want to check if he is up to their mum's standards so they pull his robe open and examine his cock size! Alora...
Just A Fantasy
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll October 6, 2023
Alora has found sissy porn on her housemate's laptop which explains why she has been finding her lingerie going missing too. She invites her friends round and the four of them confront him about it. They strip him naked and make him put on Alora's bra and panties, then spank his ass and laugh at him....
Disloyal Friends
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 4, 2023
Charlie is concerned that she can't trust her girlfriends so she uses husband Billy as bait and tests them. One by one she leaves them alone with Billy in just a towel. Unfortunately, as a horrified Charlie watches on, each of them rip the towel off and start sucking his dick! She confronts them together...
Package Trick
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 19, 2022
Three models are discussing how they check out guys' packages to see how big they think their cocks are. Back stage manager Danny overhears this and decides to play a trick on them, stuffing socks down his trousers before walking over. But his plan backfires when the girls are so impressed with his huge...
Dorm Chats
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll June 17, 2022
Three college girls are chatting in the dorm about boy's penises, totally unaware that the housemaster is listening in. He interrupts them and they explain they are just curious about how cocks work. Sunflower cheekily yanks down his pyjama bottoms and they see his huge cock! They agree to go to sleep...
Schoolgirl Bullies
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll April 15, 2022
Nerdy Eugene is studying hard when three bratty schoolgirls walk in and disturb him. They tease him and grab hold of him, yanking his boxers up and giving him a wedgie! They strip his clothes off and giggle at what is inside his pants. Then they yank them down and push him on the chair, daring each other...
Shoplifting Gang
Belle Jolie, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 4, 2022
A gang of beautiful shoplifters have targetted a local fashion store. When the store security guard hauls Chloe into the back office and tries to strip search her, her friends come rushing to her aid. They overpower the guard and turn the tables - strip searching him! They tie his hands with rope and...