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Models / Sasha Blue

Avg Rating: 4.6

Sasha Blue Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  November 30, 2010
Twitter:  @SashaBlue2021

20-year-old bundle of fun Sasha is from Kent, the "garden of England". She came along to see what it would be like on a porn set and brought friend Carly with her. The two were nervous and giggly and not sure what to expect but soon got in the swing of things when our resident stud stripped off in front of them. 34D-30-34 Sasha certainly seemed at home stroking and sucking a cock and has already asked to come back. Her natural Girl Next Door looks are sure to be a hit with PureCFNM members.
Sasha Blue Updates

Hidden Talent
Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper October 21, 2022
HR girls Violet and Sasha have gone down to the warehouse to let their new stock boy go as he keeps making packaging mistakes. They explain he has to give back his work overalls so he strips off and hands them over - shocking the girls as he has no underwear on. When they see his dick they wonder if...
Step Dad Set Up
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper March 18, 2022
Violet asks Effie to seduce her step dad so she can get some footage of him cheating on her mum. As she films his infidelity, Violet and friend Sasha are shocked by the size of his cock so they decide to join in! He is horrified that the girls have caught him out - especially as he is on the phone to...
Masturbation Show
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper July 2, 2021
Effie has been chatting to a guy on the internet who likes to wank in front of fully clothed women. She has invited him round tonight to show himself for her friends. The girls are shocked when he actually turns up to go through with it - and even more shocked when he drops his pants and reveals a throbbing...
Donation Peek
Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper June 11, 2021
Calvin has come to make a donation at the sperm bank and is shown behind the curtain by nurse Violet. While he is halfway through jerking off into a cup, medical student Sasha walks in and peeks through the curtain. She can't believe how big his cock is and is determined to get her hands on it. She pulls...
Porn Past Exposed
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper April 30, 2021
Violet is introducing her friends to her new boyfriend but is surprised when Effie says she recognizes him. She thinks she saw him in a porn scene for a site called PureCFNM many years ago. Violet confronts him about it and he admits being into CFNM. She jokingly says he may as well get his cock out...
CFNM Tour Bus
Bunny Carmen, Sasha Blue June 14, 2013
Barry is out for a stroll when out of the blue, a motorhome pulls up and two girls jump out and manhandle him into the back. They drive him into the countryside and park up before stripping him naked in the back of the van. Barry tries to stop them and asks what's going on and the girls explain he is...
Schoolgirls Take Charge
Carly Treanor, Sasha Blue January 25, 2013
Carly and Sasha are on the bed in their schoolgirl uniforms when Simon comes in looking for Sasha's brother. He decides to wait but soon gets very aroused at the sight of the girls asses in their tartan skirts. He rubs the front of his trousers and even pulls his cock out - just as Sasha turns round!...
Morning Wood
Bunny Carmen, Sasha Blue November 23, 2012
When Sasha walks into Trevor's bedroom to give him an early morning cup of tea she is shocked to see he has an erection under the sheets! She fetches her friend Bunny and together they laugh at the fact he has "morning wood". As they prod at the bulge he wakes up and is very embarrassed! This gets worse...
Answering The Advert
Carly Treanor, Sasha Blue December 3, 2010
Carly and Sasha have answered one of our adverts for new models. Unfortunately it seems they didn't realise what CFNM was so when they come for their first interview, production assistant Simon has to try to explain it to them. The horny young guy decides rather than explain it he may as well show them...