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Models / Tiffany Naylor

Avg Rating: 4.3

Tiffany Naylor Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  June 26, 2012

Horny 26-year-old Tiffany came along to her first adult shoot as a friend of Crystal Coxxx. She was supposed to be just watching the shoot but soon asked if she could get involved!

The Bedfordshire babe dived in with both hands (and a mouth!) and we were more than happy to enjoy the talents of her lithe 32C-26-34 young body!
Tiffany Naylor Updates

Displayed For Wife's Friends
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor August 1, 2014
Adele is halfway through her Anne Summers party when her boyfriend returns early from the pub. He disappears to the bedroom but she decides to enlist his help in making some sales to her friends. She persuades him to put on one of the skimpy men's thong she is trying to sell. But as he models it for...
Broken Leg
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor March 28, 2014
When Justin hobbles into the emergency room with a broken leg, matron quickly decides he needs his bandages changing. He is very reluctant to remove his trousers to let the nurses do this as he has no underwear on but the bossy matron tells him to stop being silly. As his trousers come off, the younger...
Welcome To The Convent
Adele Cherry, Emma Leigh, Tiffany Naylor October 25, 2013
A new sister is being shown round the convent today. When Father Trevor discovers she is still an innocent virgin he decides to take advantage of the opportunity. He exposes his cock to her, explaining that as he isn't allowed to relieve himself, maybe she could do it for him. The young girl is shocked...
Tent In His Pyjamas
Crystal Coxxx, Rio Lee, Tiffany Naylor February 15, 2013
Three girls are having a slumber party when they hear Rio's sexy flatmate James come home. They invite him in to join them but insist he has to get his pyjamas on as well. He comes back in wearing some nerdy pyjamas but soon regrets it as the sight of the girls in their skimpy nightwear soon has his...
Lapdancing Works
Crystal Coxxx, Rio Lee, Tiffany Naylor June 29, 2012
Steve is telling the girls about this great lapdancing club he recently went to when shy and naive Tiffany interrupts to say she doesn't understand why guys like that sort of thing. Rio and Crystal decide to show her and get up and lapdance on Steve to get his cock all hard. But Tiffany still doesn't...