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Models / Crystal Coxxx

Avg Rating: 4.8

Crystal Coxxx Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  June 26, 2012

26-year-old Crystal was an accounts executive in a marketing firm when she woke up one morning and decided to change her life!

She decided she didn't want a boring 9-5 lifestyle and, due to her high sex drive, opted for a career in the porn industry - and hasn't looked back since.

The filthy Essex girl did her first ever shoots for PureCFNM and was right at home because of her natural dominant manner. Expect to see more of her in the future!
Crystal Coxxx Updates

Bidding On Cock
Amy Goodhead, Crystal Coxxx, Crystal Smith, Elouise Lust, Nicola Kiss, Rhiannon Ryder July 20, 2018
The rich ladies of the city have gathered together for their regular auction of male servants. Auctioneer Amy brings in lot 12 and removes his robe. She measures his penis before leading him by the cock round the room so all six ladies can have a feel! Elouise insists on having a closer inspection so...
Vetting His Size
Amy Goodhead, Crystal Coxxx, Crystal Smith, Elouise Lust, Nicola Kiss, Rhiannon Ryder May 18, 2018
When Amy tells her new boyfriend she wants to introduce him to her friends he is delighted. Little did he realize she was going to make him do it in the nude! It seems this group of ladies have a tradition where they all have to check out the penis size of any potential lovers. The embarrassed guy walks...
Tribute Us
Amy Goodhead, Crystal Coxxx, Crystal Smith, Elouise Lust, Nicola Kiss, Rhiannon Ryder March 16, 2018
Six girls, fed up with being sent cum tribute photos online, decide to track down five of the perverts who sent them. They invite them round to tribute them live as they watch. One by one the guys are paraded around completely naked so the girls can comment on their size and grope their cocks. They take...
Public Nuisance
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder March 17, 2017
When two policewomen catch a couple performing sex acts in their car they decide to teach them a lesson. They get them outside and make the guy expose his cock to them so they can examine it, lifting it up with their truncheons. They then push the girl's head onto the cock and make her suck it as they...
Can I Have My Ball?
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder January 13, 2017
Three girls are having a walk in the woods when a football bounces out of nowhere. It is quickly followed by a naked man who covers up in embarrassment as the girls laugh. He is from the local nudist camp but the girls refuse to give him his ball back unless he takes his hands away. He reluctantly shows...
Police Frisking
Chantelle Fox, Crystal Coxxx, Ruby Ryder November 11, 2016
Police officers Chantelle and Ruby pull over a suspicious vehicle decide to investigate the musclebound guy in the drivers seat. As they frisk him they feel a large bulge in the front of his trousers. They strip him off and peak inside his boxers where they discover a large weapon - his cock! The girls...
3 Girl POV
Crystal Coxxx, Gilly Sampson, Holly Adams March 1, 2013
You are just settling down to a nice wank when three girls walk down the stairs and catch you! Damn it, you thought they were out. As you cover up they find it hilarious that they have seen your cock and want another look. You protest and cover up but as the three gorgeous women gather round you and...
Tent In His Pyjamas
Crystal Coxxx, Rio Lee, Tiffany Naylor February 15, 2013
Three girls are having a slumber party when they hear Rio's sexy flatmate James come home. They invite him in to join them but insist he has to get his pyjamas on as well. He comes back in wearing some nerdy pyjamas but soon regrets it as the sight of the girls in their skimpy nightwear soon has his...
Lapdancing Works
Crystal Coxxx, Rio Lee, Tiffany Naylor June 29, 2012
Steve is telling the girls about this great lapdancing club he recently went to when shy and naive Tiffany interrupts to say she doesn't understand why guys like that sort of thing. Rio and Crystal decide to show her and get up and lapdance on Steve to get his cock all hard. But Tiffany still doesn't...