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Models / Alora Lux

Avg Rating: 4.8

Alora Lux Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Filthy Girl Next Door
Date Joined:  22 October 2021
Twitter:  @aloraluxmodel

Enthusiastic newcomer Alora is your classic girl next door gone bad. The 23-year-old redhead is a filthy slut who is never happier than when she is filled with cock!
Her boyfriend is a big fan of PureCFNM and begged her to work for us and we were only too happy to sign her up.
The Bristol girl loves dressing feminine and girly and her blowjob skills certainly had our studs cumming in no time!
Alora Lux Updates

Wall Fucker
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll February 9, 2024
Gaz thinks he is at home alone and suctions a fleshlight to the wall so he can fuck it. Unfortunately his 4 female flatmates come home early and watch him fucking the wall! They even take a video of it to show their friends. When he realizes they are there, he is horrified and tries to cover up but the...
Mum Done Well
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll December 8, 2023
Marc is making himself a cup of tea when his girlfriend's three daughters stumble in after a night out. They want to know who he is and what he's doing in their kitchen! When he tells them, they want to check if he is up to their mum's standards so they pull his robe open and examine his cock size! Alora...
Just A Fantasy
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll October 6, 2023
Alora has found sissy porn on her housemate's laptop which explains why she has been finding her lingerie going missing too. She invites her friends round and the four of them confront him about it. They strip him naked and make him put on Alora's bra and panties, then spank his ass and laugh at him....
Disloyal Friends
Alora Lux, Charlie Rae, Chloe Famee, Sunflower Doll August 4, 2023
Charlie is concerned that she can't trust her girlfriends so she uses husband Billy as bait and tests them. One by one she leaves them alone with Billy in just a towel. Unfortunately, as a horrified Charlie watches on, each of them rip the towel off and start sucking his dick! She confronts them together...
Making A Splash
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose April 29, 2022
John is waiting for the girls to finish getting dressed for a night out when he accidentally soaks his clothes with water. The girls rush in to see what the commotion is and tell him to strip off so they can dry them. He is reluctant but the girls pull his clothes off and yank down his pants. When they...
CFNM Fantasy
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose February 25, 2022
Lewis is having a quick wank while his female flatmates are at work. He loves CFNM so he is watching it on his iPad when they unexpectedly come home early and catch him red-handed! The girls find it hilarious and tell him not to stop just because they are there. They watch from the end of the bed as...
Cheating Bitches
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose December 24, 2021
Cheffie is playing strip poker with three girls, hoping to see them all naked. What he doesn't realize is that they are working together and cheating on every hand! He is soon down to his underwear and the girls giggle as he loses again and gets naked. They play one final hand and when he loses he has...
Semen Vaccine
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose October 22, 2021
A group of housemates are watching a news report explaining how scientists have discovered a vaccine to the virus affecting women all over the world. The vaccine turns out to be male semen! The three girls all look at each other, then look at Billy, then they suddenly pounce on him, ripping his clothes...