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Models / Alyssa Divine

Avg Rating: 4.6

Alyssa Divine Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Ebony
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  December 18, 2012

Petite and very feminine model Alyssa is a newcomer to the porn industry and comes from the west country of England.

The 21-year-old has a lovely timid, polite way about her but the 32C-24-32 babe loves her cock! She is never happier than when she has a dick in her hand, mouth or pussy and is sure to be a hit with PureCFNM members.

She has already modelled for a number of internet sites and video production companies in the UK and one day hopes to crack the American market.
Alyssa Divine Updates

Bikini Car Wash
Alyssa Divine, Chantelle Fox, Jodie Lee February 28, 2014
Three girls are raising money for charity by running a bikini car wash. The sight of their gorgeous half naked bodies gets one driver a bit carried away and he starts playing with himself inside the car. When the girls spot this they are very unimpressed, dragging him out to explain himself. The cheeky...
Call Center Pervert
Alyssa Divine, Tia Layne November 15, 2013
It's a slow day in the call center and Bobby can't help sneaking a peak at sexy Tia in the next cubicle. The sight of her cleavage turns him on and he pulls his cock out and starts playing with himself out of sight. Unfortunately manager Alyssa walks in and catches him. She is furious and decides to...
Gloryhole Switch
Alyssa Divine, Chantelle Fox, Jodie Lee September 27, 2013
Three girls are chatting about how fit Trevor is and how they think he looks like actor Danny Dyer. Robin overhears this and tells them he can arrange for them to meet him. Shortly afterwards the girls see him talking to Trevor and giving them a thumbs up sign. He returns saying he has arranged for them...
Caught Spying
Alyssa Divine September 6, 2013
Pervert Frank is spying through the window as Alyssa undresses. He undoes his trousers and wanks as he watches her slip on a skimpy nightie ready for bed. Suddenly she disappears, only to reappear moments later behind him taking a video of him on her phone. She then hauls him inside and blackmails him...
Hockey Girls
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows July 12, 2013
Stephanie and Alyssa are getting changed after hockey when Mr White bursts in. He didn't realize they were in there and apologizes but, as Stephanie quickly dresses, Alyssa grabs hold of their teacher. Unless he does what she asks, she will tell the principal that he was in their changing room while...
Locker Room Suck
Alyssa Divine, Tia Layne June 7, 2013
Teacher Steve is getting changed in the locker room when two girls from the cheerleading squad walk in. He asks them to leave but it seems they have always fancied him and are more interested in seeing what he looks like without the towel! The young girls start pulling at it, begging him to show them...
Can We Watch?
Alyssa Divine, Barbie Stroker, Nikki Blows April 26, 2013
Dirty old pervert Malcolm has just got out the shower and starts playing with himself as he sees two sexy girls walking past his motorhome. Unfortunately they see him and enter the trailer to find out what he's up to! He is very embarrassed but the young girls agree not to tell anyone providing he carries...
Dirty Little Boy
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows March 22, 2013
Jamie and Alyssa are sitting in their maths lesson listening to teacher Stephanie droning on about fractions. Alyssa teases Jamie that he fancies the teacher and likes her ass, running her hand over his bulge to get him excited. She tempts him that if he drops his trousers she will wank him off without...
Want A Lift?
Alyssa Divine, Barbie Stroker, Nikki Blows February 8, 2013
Paul's motorbike has broken down on his way to London for an important meeting. When three girls stop by in their camper van and offer him a lift he jumps at the chance. Little does he realize they have ulterior motives. They offer him a shower as they are driving along but when he comes out wearing...
Special Arrangement
Alyssa Divine, Stephanie Blows December 21, 2012
Alyssa is having coffee with her friend Stephanie when the next door neighbour comes downstairs and says he has finished her cleaning. Alyssa is confused but it soon becomes clear that they have a "special arrangement" - Justin does chores around the house and in return Stephanie allows him to walk around...