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Models / Effie Diaz

Avg Rating: 4.9

Effie Diaz Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Sex Mad Newbie
Date Joined:  12 June 2020
Twitter:  @Effie_Diaz_XXX

Stunning newcomer Effie is a lap dancer from Wales who only recently entered the world of porn.
The 21-year-old has a posh accent and big E cup natural tits.
She likes to swing in her private life and regularly attends sex parties and claims to have had sex with 30 people in one go!
Effie Diaz Updates

Step Dad Set Up
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper March 18, 2022
Violet asks Effie to seduce her step dad so she can get some footage of him cheating on her mum. As she films his infidelity, Violet and friend Sasha are shocked by the size of his cock so they decide to join in! He is horrified that the girls have caught him out - especially as he is on the phone to...
Female Producer
Effie Diaz, Kandi Baby August 13, 2021
Model Effie wants to expand her skill set and become a porn producer. When she asks Mr Pure if she can direct the next scene he decides to go for some dinner and leave her to try and get something out of two newbies. Kandi is VERY shy and innocent but Effie talks her through how to strip off first time...
Masturbation Show
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper July 2, 2021
Effie has been chatting to a guy on the internet who likes to wank in front of fully clothed women. She has invited him round tonight to show himself for her friends. The girls are shocked when he actually turns up to go through with it - and even more shocked when he drops his pants and reveals a throbbing...
Porn Past Exposed
Effie Diaz, Sasha Blue, Violet Whisper April 30, 2021
Violet is introducing her friends to her new boyfriend but is surprised when Effie says she recognizes him. She thinks she saw him in a porn scene for a site called PureCFNM many years ago. Violet confronts him about it and he admits being into CFNM. She jokingly says he may as well get his cock out...
Relieving The Hero
Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture January 8, 2021
When Roxee's flatmate hobbles in after his shift at the ambulance service, friend Effie thinks he is a hero working on the healthcare front lines with a bad leg. She feels sorry for him when he says he can't go out and pull the ladies any more so she decides to give him a treat, rubbing the front of...
Cock Blockers
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture December 11, 2020
After meeting Alex and his big black cock in "Male Slut", Effie is determined to fuck him. So when she is invited for a sleep over with Roxee and Candy, she slips into his room while they are sleeping and starts jerking him off. She is just about to climb onto his erection when the girls walk in! Roxee...
Male Slut
Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture November 6, 2020
Roxee is chatting with her friend Effie when her flatmate Alex walks in. He instantly fancies Effie but Roxy warns her off, calling him a male slut. He is offended and storms off - only to reappear in the nude! The girls are shocked but he says if he is going to be called a slut, he will act like one....
Text Tracing
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture October 9, 2020
Roxee confides in her friends that she has received an anonymous dick pic from someone. Tech genius Candy knows how to trace it to discover the sending number and the girls are shocked to find out it was Max - their friend who is sitting next to them! He is very embarrassed but the girls insist on checking...
Continuous Milking
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture August 7, 2020
A slave has been chained up to a milking machine for 8 hours and has been made to cum 5 times already. When Effie shows two of her friends round her dungeon they want to know if the slave can still cum from a real hand. They detach the machine and the slave rejoices, thinking his ordeal is over - but...
Free Coffee
Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture July 17, 2020
Steve is reading in the coffee shop when two attractive girls ask if they can sit at his table. They pull their chairs next to his and start talking about their mates' sex lives! When they put their hands on his groin and start groping him he asks them to move but they tell him to shut up and let them...
Porn Protest
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture June 12, 2020
When three pornstars walk into the studio for their scene they find a porn protester handcuffed to the set. He doesn't want them filming their filth but the girls decide to use him in their scene instead! The cameras roll and the guy is helpless to stop the girls stripping him naked and jerking him off....