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Models / Lucia Love

Avg Rating: 4.2

Lucia Love Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  19 April 2019
Twitter:  @lucialovexxx

Londoner Lucia has worked in the adult industry off and on for seven years. She recently returned from a break where she had a 9-5 job but got bored!
Her first shoot with PureCFNM was her first since returning to porn. The 5"5 brunette babe has massive F cup tits which fit perfectly on her sexy 32-24-36 body.
Lucia Love Updates

What Is This Stain?
Angelique Luka, Lucia Love April 10, 2020
Two French maids are cleaning a hotel room when they find some stains on the guest's trousers and sheets. When he walks in he claims it is mayonnaise but the girls smell it and lick it before realizing in shock that it is semen! They rip his clothes off and grab hold of his big cock. They take turns...
Birthmark Proof
Angelique Luka, Lucia Love January 24, 2020
After the girls punished him in "Horny Consultant", Lucia is shocked when she walks into the office and finds Marc in a meeting. He isn't supposed to be allowed back in the building but he denies it all. To convince her colleague she says he has a birthmark on his upper thigh and Angelique orders him...
Horny Consultant
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love December 13, 2019
The fashion company has brought in a management consultant to improve productivity. He sits in on a product meeting where the four girls analyze the new sports line, modeled by Liz. As she squats in front of him, the consultant gets a boner and the girls notice! They are furious at his lack of professionalism...
Slimming Wrap
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love June 28, 2019
Belle is demonstrating a new slimming wrap and asks some of the audience to have a go but when she turns her back they accidentally wrap the male volunteer's arms up as well. When he calls them stupid the girls get very angry and yank down his shorts to teach him a lesson. The audience bursts out laughing...
The Bully
Belle O'Hara, Bluebell, Liz Rainbow, Lucia Love April 19, 2019
Office bully Frank comes onto all the new girls and pressures them into giving him a blowjob on their first day. The other secretaries have had enough and when they discover he has been moonlighting as a nude pin up for gay men they threaten to go public unless he does what they say. Firstly, he must...