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Models / Candy Banks

Avg Rating: 4.8

Candy Banks Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Enthusiastic Newcomer
Date Joined:  12 June 2020
Twitter:  @CandyBanksxxx

Londoner Candy is a webcam girl and aspiring pornstar who was on only her second ever shoot when she came to the PureCFNM set.
Previously an exotic dancer, the 23-year-old gets off on being a slut and says stripping wasn't enough for her as she "just wanted the customers to fuck me in front of everyone else".
Her 34DD tits could have had something to do with that - as well as her filthy talk and love of sucking cock!
Candy Banks Updates

Making A Splash
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose April 29, 2022
John is waiting for the girls to finish getting dressed for a night out when he accidentally soaks his clothes with water. The girls rush in to see what the commotion is and tell him to strip off so they can dry them. He is reluctant but the girls pull his clothes off and yank down his pants. When they...
CFNM Fantasy
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose February 25, 2022
Lewis is having a quick wank while his female flatmates are at work. He loves CFNM so he is watching it on his iPad when they unexpectedly come home early and catch him red-handed! The girls find it hilarious and tell him not to stop just because they are there. They watch from the end of the bed as...
Cheating Bitches
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose December 24, 2021
Cheffie is playing strip poker with three girls, hoping to see them all naked. What he doesn't realize is that they are working together and cheating on every hand! He is soon down to his underwear and the girls giggle as he loses again and gets naked. They play one final hand and when he loses he has...
Semen Vaccine
Alora Lux, Candy Banks, Zara Du Rose October 22, 2021
A group of housemates are watching a news report explaining how scientists have discovered a vaccine to the virus affecting women all over the world. The vaccine turns out to be male semen! The three girls all look at each other, then look at Billy, then they suddenly pounce on him, ripping his clothes...
Cock Blockers
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture December 11, 2020
After meeting Alex and his big black cock in "Male Slut", Effie is determined to fuck him. So when she is invited for a sleep over with Roxee and Candy, she slips into his room while they are sleeping and starts jerking him off. She is just about to climb onto his erection when the girls walk in! Roxee...
Text Tracing
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture October 9, 2020
Roxee confides in her friends that she has received an anonymous dick pic from someone. Tech genius Candy knows how to trace it to discover the sending number and the girls are shocked to find out it was Max - their friend who is sitting next to them! He is very embarrassed but the girls insist on checking...
Continuous Milking
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture August 7, 2020
A slave has been chained up to a milking machine for 8 hours and has been made to cum 5 times already. When Effie shows two of her friends round her dungeon they want to know if the slave can still cum from a real hand. They detach the machine and the slave rejoices, thinking his ordeal is over - but...
Porn Protest
Candy Banks, Effie Diaz, Roxee Couture June 12, 2020
When three pornstars walk into the studio for their scene they find a porn protester handcuffed to the set. He doesn't want them filming their filth but the girls decide to use him in their scene instead! The cameras roll and the guy is helpless to stop the girls stripping him naked and jerking him off....