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Models / Katie Olsen

Avg Rating: 4.9

Katie Olsen Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Natural and Womanly
Best Feature:  Big Natural Tits
Date Joined:  3 August 2018

Katie is the younger sister of a well known 1990s glamour model who had just started working hands on with guys when we invited her to PureCFNM.
The 29-year-old looks much younger than her years and has beautiful and natural DD cup tits.
Combined with her 32-25-32 womanly figure she is sure to give any man a hard on!
Katie Olsen Updates

We Demand Cum
Katie Olsen, Lili Miss Arab, Tanya Virago November 29, 2019
Katie finishes her shower and decides to play with her pussy on the bed. Little does she know she is being watched by a voyeur. Sadly for him, her two flatmates catch him and push him into the room with his cock still sticking out of his pants! The girls decide to see how he likes it and make him strip...
Time Stands Still
Katie Olsen, Lili Miss Arab, Tanya Virago September 27, 2019
Teacher Anton is fed up with the rich private schoolgirls doing whatever they want in his class. He has developed a device that stops time and when he hits the button the girls freeze motionless. He then moves among them, fondling their tits and getting his cock out and rubbing against their hands. He...
Changing Room Swap
Katie Olsen, Lili Miss Arab, Tanya Virago July 26, 2019
James is getting changed when he suddenly notices a sign in the locker room explaining that the men's and women's have swapped for building works. He is horrified when he turns to find he has locked his keys in his locker. When he hears girls approaching he hides behind the lockers. The girls spot him...
Naked Bike Ride
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder May 3, 2019
Three girls have gone to watch a Naked Bike Ride to get a glimpse of some naked men. They have turned up a bit late but a straggler then comes round the bend before getting a puncture! Miles from the finish line and with no spare, he asks the girls if they can give him a lift. They agree but first he...
Shy Sunbather
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder March 1, 2019
Chessie and her boyfriend have found a quiet spot to sunbathe but she doesn't want him getting tan lines and persuades him to take his shorts off so he is naked. He is horrified shortly after when two girls come along. Mischievous Chessie makes him roll over so he doesn't burn his back and the girls...
Picnic Trespass
Chessie Kay, Katie Olsen, Rhiannon Ryder December 21, 2018
Three girls are enjoying a picnic by the side of a lake when suddenly a naked man walks by! They didn't realize they were on private land and he is the wealthy land owner. He says they can stay and they invite him to join them but they can't stop staring at his cock. They ask if they can take some selfies...
Our Old Routine
Diverse Stacey, Ella Bella, Katie Olsen, Romana Ryder December 7, 2018
Ella's ex boyfriend used to love stripping naked and jerking off in front of her when she was dressing for a night out. She has invited him round for one final session but wasn't expecting her flatmates to walk in half dressed in the middle of his show! The four girls settle down to watch him playing...
Rare Condition
Diverse Stacey, Ella Bella, Katie Olsen, Romana Ryder October 5, 2018
Some women perusing an art gallery are shocked when a guy collapses. His girlfriend explains that he has a rare condition that makes him a bit giddy when his balls aren't emptied regularly enough. They get him onto a chair and she asks if they will help her sort him out. The women eagerly agree and are...
Studying In The Library
Diverse Stacey, Ella Bella, Katie Olsen, Romana Ryder August 3, 2018
Katie is getting frustrated because she can't get to grips with the male anatomy for her upcoming exam. She offers to take her clothes off if James will do the same and her eyes light up as his cock pops out. She starts examining it with her hands and it gets hard just as Ella walks in! She is shocked...