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Models / Angelina Elise

Avg Rating: 4.5

Angelina Elise Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Tall and Fit
Best Feature:  Gym Toned Body
Date Joined:  29 March 2017
Twitter:  @AngelinaElise

Gym fanatic Angelina is an internationally published model and fetish actress. She is well known for her stunning toned 28-24-28 body and DD tits.
The 31-year-old splits her time between working in the UK and USA where her 5"6 figure is in high demand.
Angelina Elise Updates

VR Feels So Real
Angelina Elise, Sarah Blue November 22, 2019
A guy is settling down to enjoy some porn on his new high end Virtual Reality headset. He starts jerking off, unaware that two girls have crept in. As they get nearer and start touching his legs he thinks it is the VR girls that are doing it. Soon the girls take over on his cock and the guy sits back,...
Double Blowjob Tease
Angelina Elise, Sarah Blue September 20, 2019
Sarah tells her friend about how she made a mistake and slept with her flatmate but the sex was terrible because he came so quickly! Angelina doesn't believe anyone can cum that fast so Sarah decides to show her. They creep into his room, pull the bed covers off and yank down his trousers. The girls...
Caught With A Sex Doll
Angelina Elise, Sarah Blue July 19, 2019
Brian has just received his new sex doll and can't wait to try it out. He starts fucking it in missionary, unaware that his two female flatmates have come home and are watching him in hysterics from the doorway. Eventually they burst in and order him to jerk off in front of them or they will tell everyone...
Peeping Janes
Angelina Elise, Zara Du Rose October 12, 2018
Angelina and Zara are convinced they hear Jay jerking off in his room all the time so they decide to hide in his wardrobe and catch him at it! He comes out of the shower and sure enough he starts wanking, unaware they are watching! After several minutes they can't help laughing and burst out of the wardrobe...
Bed Bath Miracle
Angelina Elise, Zara Du Rose August 10, 2018
Nurses Angelina and Zara are giving a patient a bed bath when they notice his cock starting to twitch. He has been unable to feel anything from the waist down after a motorbike accident but as they brush their hands against his dick it gets hard. They give his cock a nice soapy handjob before washing...
Where's My Pants
Angelina Elise, Bambi Babe, Cecilia Scott, Tiffany Tatum May 25, 2018
Axel walks into the YMCA he is staying at and is shocked to find the dorm empty. He decides to get changed but can't find his pants anywhere. Just then four girls walk in and catch him naked! They find it hilarious and prize his embarrassed hands apart so they can see his cock. They are impressed with...
Interrupted Call
Angelina Elise, Bambi Babe, Cecilia Scott, Tiffany Tatum January 12, 2018
Joe is having phonesex with his girlfriend when his four room-mates walk in. He is horrified and tries to tell them to get out without his girlfriend overhearing but they refuse to leave. Instead they start touching his cock while he carries on talking dirty to his girlfriend! They bend over and show...
Straight A's
Angelina Elise, Bambi Babe, Cecilia Scott, Tiffany Tatum October 20, 2017
Mr Smith has made a silly bet with three of his thicker students. If they all got A's he said he would do anything they wanted. Somehow the girls pulled it off and what they want is to see him naked! The girls giggle as he reluctantly strips off and they stare wide eyed as his cock pops out. Bambi takes...
Straight Jacket Liberties
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins September 29, 2017
Angelina is giving two ladies a tour of the mental hospital when they come across Bob playing chess with himself. She explains that Bob was committed after flashing women in the park and he is here to learn he can only get his cock out when the woman consents. To prove her point she yanks his trousers...
Giggling Ballbusters
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins July 28, 2017
Yoga teacher Barbie is going to punish Jason for perving on the girls during her class. She says they will all give him a handjob - providing he lets them kick and slap him in the nuts! He reluctantly agrees and the girls strip him naked before taking turns to kick and knee him in the balls. They then...
Wildest Thing Ever
Amber Deen, Angelina Elise, Barbie Sins May 19, 2017
Four friends are discussing the wildest things they have ever done in their lives. Justin admits he once did a striptease in front of 100 women for charity! When he says he even still has the strippers thong he used, the girls insist on seeing him in action. He reluctantly does a striptease as the girls...