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Models / Alice Judge

Avg Rating: 3.8

Alice Judge Vital Stats:
Hair:  Black
Ethnicity:  British / Algerian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Sex Mad
Date Joined:  10 July 2018
Twitter:  @AliceJudge_

Leggy Alice is a 28-year-old glamour model and pornstar from Algerian descent now living in England.
The raven-haired babe has enhanced E cup tits and is a regular gym goer to keep her body beautifully toned.
Alice Judge Updates

Early Bed
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera September 16, 2022
Alex is chatting with her friend when Honey drags their younger step brother in by his ear. She is furious that Alex let him go to bed early. "Young boys will always masturbate if you let them go to bed early" she complains. Alex is horrified that he is naked from the waist down and the girls can all...
Calm Him Down
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera July 15, 2022
When an emergency call goes out over the hospital speaker system, three female doctors find Billy out of control in the treatment room. They hold him down and Honey decides to yank down his trousers and play with his dick to calm him down. As all three of the girls take turns to jerk him off it works...
Teacher's Photos
Alex Anderson, Alice Judge, Honey Hera May 27, 2022
Alex has found some compromising photos of her teacher when he was younger. She shows them to him on her phone and threatens to go to the headmistress unless he does as she says. She orders him to give her and her girlfriends good grades BUT they also want to see what was in the photos - him naked! He...
Wine And Cumshots
Alice Judge, Cindy Sun February 19, 2021
Alice and Cindy are having their usual monthly catch up over a few glasses of wine. As usual, Cindy has laid on some naked male entertainment for them and she summons three guys. One by one they take off their robes and expose their penises to the ladies. They then surround the sofa as the girls grab...
Lady Locksmiths
Abigail Angel, Alice Judge, Cindy Sun April 17, 2020
Nick has locked himself out naked and is horrified when three female locksmiths turn up. He explains that his girlfriend dared him to take a naked selfie in the corridor and the door closed behind him. The girls want to see the selfie and are impressed by the size of his cock. They agree to fix his lock...
Plenty To Go Around
Abigail Angel, Alice Judge, Cindy Sun February 14, 2020
Marc has gone to see a counselor because his wife and his mistress are constantly squabbling. The counselor can't work out why these two sexy women are fighting over him but they explain that he has a big fat cock that they both love. Counselor Alice says she needs to see it for herself so the women...