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Models / Lissa Love

Avg Rating: 4.2

Lissa Love Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Athletic
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  October 11, 2011

Lissa Love is a full time glamour model and porn star, although she is fairly new to the adult scene in England. She has also done all kinds of promotional work and dancing in clubs.

Sultry brunette Lissa is fun and reliable and says she loves her job. The 24-year-old from London has a gorgeous curvy 32-24-26 body with huge FF boobs and is 5"7 tall.
Lissa Love Updates

The Apprentice
Charlie Holays, Lissa Love March 13, 2015
Rob is on the last day of his apprenticeship when he discovers that the company has a strange "passing out" ceremony for their new recruits - he has to work in the nude on his last day! Reluctantly he strips off in front of his female colleagues and then office manager Lissa asks him to pose for his...
Her First Orgasm
Charlie Holays, Lissa Love October 3, 2014
Lissa has gone to the doctors to see if anything can be done about her inability to reach orgasm. Her friend Charlie has gone with her for moral support and they are pleased to hear that Dr Josh thinks there is a cure. He gets Lissa onto the treatment table, hikes up her dress and starts slowly caressing...
Neighborhood Watch
Carla Mai, Jaye Rose, Kiki Minaj, Lissa Love July 18, 2014
When the Neighborhood Watch chairman comes across a girl gang painting graffiti he threatens to call the police. But the feisty girls pin him to the wall and start threatening him. They then decide to humiliate him and start ripping his clothes off until he is naked. They steal his phone and take photos...
Back For A Blowjob
Charlie Holays, Lissa Love June 27, 2014
CFNM legend Charlie Holays is back after an eight year break. As she chats to one of the more recent models, a star struck fan asks her for an autograph. Lissa jokes that the sad twat may as well have asked her to sign his cock! The loser thinks she is serious and quickly drops his pants but when the...
Penis Control
Carla Mai, Jaye Rose, Kiki Minaj, Lissa Love March 14, 2014
Jaye is upset because a longtime male friend just tried it on with her. Her friends explain that men are pigs and can't control their penises. Just then, Lissa's boyfriend walks in and asks what they're chatting about. He claims to have amazing control and that their theory on men is rubbish! Sadly for...
Carla Mai, Jaye Rose, Kiki Minaj, Lissa Love December 20, 2013
Store security guards Carla and Kiki have caught a guy stealing from their clothing shop and are interrogating him. They decide not to call the police and fetch store owner Lissa and her assistant. She is furious and decides to teach the grovelling twat a lesson, ordering him to take his clothes off...
Show Us Your Tattoo
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox August 31, 2012
Valerie has got a new tattoo and she is just showing it to her three friends when boyfriend Danny walks in. It's on her back so she has her dress lifted up showing off her thong and he jokingly grabs his groin and says he should get his cock tattooed. The girls joke it would be a small tattoo but Valerie...
Watched From Above
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox March 23, 2012
All the office girls fancy salesman Mark and today Lissa is going to seduce him. She drags him into the stairwell, telling him how sexy she thinks he is and rubbing the front of his trousers to get him horny. She then strips him naked right there and then before dropping to her knees and giving him a...
Office Blindfold Trick
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox October 14, 2011
The new boy in the office is causing quite a stir amongst the secretaries and they send in stunning blond Valerie to seduce him. She works her feminine charms and tells him she likes to have sex in the office. This gets him so aroused he strips off and lets her blindfold him, thinking he is about to...