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Models / Chloe Lovette

Avg Rating: 4.8

Chloe Lovette Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Dreamy Eyes
Date Joined:  May 31, 2011

Glamour model Chloe was a newcomer to the world of porn when she visited the set of PureCFNM.

The 25-year-old brunette from the Midlands in England has a naturally bubbly personality and stunning 32-27-37 figure which makes her perfect for CFNM.

The 5"4 former lapdancer definitely took to her dominant CFNM role and is already hoping to come back for more naked men!
Chloe Lovette Updates

Show Us Your Tattoo
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox August 31, 2012
Valerie has got a new tattoo and she is just showing it to her three friends when boyfriend Danny walks in. It's on her back so she has her dress lifted up showing off her thong and he jokingly grabs his groin and says he should get his cock tattooed. The girls joke it would be a small tattoo but Valerie...
Watched From Above
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox March 23, 2012
All the office girls fancy salesman Mark and today Lissa is going to seduce him. She drags him into the stairwell, telling him how sexy she thinks he is and rubbing the front of his trousers to get him horny. She then strips him naked right there and then before dropping to her knees and giving him a...
Office Stroker
Chloe Lovette, Kit Cox, Mia Makepeace December 30, 2011
Kit is telling Chloe about all the strange personalities they have in their office. She moves onto the "office stroker" - so called because he is always jerking off in his office when he thinks no-one is looking. The girls decide to take a look and sure enough, the dirty pervert has his trousers round...
Lost Bet
Chloe Lovette December 9, 2011
Pete has lost a bet with Chloe and reluctantly turns up at her bedroom to pay up. His forfeit is that he has to take all his clothes off and masturbate while she watches. Unknown to him, Chloe really fancies him and has been waiting for this moment for ages. As he strips off she caresses his chest and...
Office Blindfold Trick
Chloe Lovette, Leona Lee, Lissa Love, Valerie Fox October 14, 2011
The new boy in the office is causing quite a stir amongst the secretaries and they send in stunning blond Valerie to seduce him. She works her feminine charms and tells him she likes to have sex in the office. This gets him so aroused he strips off and lets her blindfold him, thinking he is about to...
Office Sleaze
Chloe Lovette, Kit Cox, Mia Makepeace August 26, 2011
Chloe is on her first day at her new job. Kit warns her about the office sleaze George but when he calls her into his office and starts offering her promotions and company cars she falls for it. As she looks on in shock, he strips naked in front of her and convinces her to start stroking his cock. The...
Value For Money
Chloe Lovette, Kit Cox, Mia Makepeace June 3, 2011
Chloe and Kit have hired a male stripper for their friend Mia's birthday. The girls are very excited as the sexy guy starts stripping off and they feel his hunky body. His bulge looks great and they all start groping him but after a few minutes he stops and says that's all he does. The girls are very...