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Models / Viktoria

Avg Rating: 4.6

Viktoria Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Pert Tits
Date Joined:  July 14, 2006

19-year-old Viktoria had only done light glamour modelling when she came for her first PureCFNM shoot.

It was quite a change from her normal work but she loved every minute of it - so much so that when one of the other girls failed to turn up later in the day she offered to do some more scenes for free!

Her youthful, innocent looks have definitely been a hit with PureCFNM members and we are hoping to get her back for more in the near future.
Viktoria Updates

Sperm Sample
Gemma Parker, Paradise Summers, Viktoria January 19, 2007
Matt has gone to give a sperm sample because he and girlfriend Gemma are trying for a baby. The nurse tells him to get undressed and then rather oddly tells him to masturbate into a specimen glass while she is in the room. She even sits next to him and tells him his technique isn't very good! The nurse...
Medical Check Up
Charlie Holays, Suzie Best, Viktoria October 6, 2006
John goes in for his annual check up but his normal doctor isn't there. Stand-in Doctor Charley asks him to strip off and proceeds to shock him by not only using the stethoscope on his chest but also on his penis! She isn't sure about her diagnosis though and calls in nurse Suzie for a second opinion....
Nerd In The Stocks
Charlie Holays, Suzie Best, Viktoria September 8, 2006
This week we have some footage caught by an amateur film-maker from years ago in which an innocent nerd is abused by three very streetwise young girls. Daniel is giving the girls a guided tour of the old castle when they come to the dungeon room. The girls are fascinated by the stocks and they talk Daniel...
Late For Class
Charlie Holays, Gemma Parker, Paradise Summers, Suzie Best, Viktoria August 25, 2006
Matt walks into the classroom late and without his school uniform. Miss Charlie is furious with him and makes him drop his trousers so she can put him across her knee in full view of the three girls in the class! She spanks him and then as it is a human biology class she leads him by his penis from desk...
The Naughty Headmaster
Gemma Parker, Paradise Summers, Viktoria August 4, 2006
Three girls have been hauled in front of the headmaster for bad behaviour. But as he starts telling them off, little did they know it would be the headmaster who would be badly behaved. As he lines them up across his desk and one by one lifts their skirts and starts spanking them, he takes the opportunity...
Taking Off The Bandage
Charlie Holays, Suzie Best, Viktoria July 14, 2006
Doctor Charlie and her two nurses are doing their rounds when they come across a patient who was in a firework accident in which he damaged his face and groin. His groin is ready to be checked out and the two nurses and doctor put on rubber gloves before pulling the patient's gown up and making a close...