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Models / Pandora Smith

Avg Rating: 4.4

Pandora Smith Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Great Actress
Date Joined:  14 July 2017
Twitter:  @6969pandora

Pandora is a full time model, party hostess and porn star from the midlands in England.
The sexy GILF has a high sex drive and says she loves meeting people which is why her job suits her.
Pandora Smith Updates

His Old Babysitter
Annabelle More, Pandora Smith May 17, 2019
When Frank bumps into his old babysitter in the park he is embarrassed when she starts telling her friend about how she used to spank him as a boy. He is then horrified when she drags him across her knee and demonstrates! When he gets up again his trousers are still round his knees and the MILFs get...
Drone Spying
Annabelle More, Pandora Smith March 15, 2019
Two women are getting dressed in their countryside cabin when they realize a drone is spying on them. They cover up and storm off after the culprit, catching him just as he is landing his drone. They are shocked by the photos he has taken of them and decide to see how he likes it - tugging his clothes...
Rain Cover
Annabelle More, Pandora Smith January 11, 2019
Two MILFs are relaxing under their shelter in the countryside when a very good looking young man rushes in to escape the rain. The older women tell him to take his wet shoes off and then spot an opportunity! They tell him to take off the rest of his wet clothes and soon have the poor boy naked in front...
Rich Girls Toy
Melody Pleasure, Pandora Smith, Star Del Ray June 8, 2018
Pandora has hired a new butler and on his first day she warns him about her two unruly daughters. But when she steps out, the young girls take advantage of the poor Jeeves, yanking his trousers down and exposing his big cock. When Pandora returns and sees the erect penis she can't help but have a feel...
Skirts Up Girls!
Melody Pleasure, Pandora Smith, Star Del Ray April 6, 2018
Headmistress Pandora has heard that two of her girls have been humiliating some of the male teachers. She isn't angry that the girls made the men strip naked, but she needs to teach them a lesson never to humiliate the cock. So she gets the girls to bend over her desk and raise their skirts. After having...
Spanish Shower
Melody Pleasure, Pandora Smith, Star Del Ray January 26, 2018
When Pablo comes out of the shower he is shocked to find Star and Melody waiting for him. They quickly shut the door behind him, blocking his exit, and yank his towel away - just as Pandora walks in! She is shocked at how they are treating their Spanish visitor but when the girls pull his hands apart...
Sharing Sister's Boyfriend
Grace Harper, Misha Mayfair, Pandora Smith December 8, 2017
Misha is giving her boyfriend a blowjob in her bedroom when her mum and sister walk in! Mum is horrified and starts telling her off but suddenly notices the erect young cock in front of her and gets sidetracked. As her daughters look on in horror she starts touching the beautiful dick and even starts...
Wicked Stepdaughters
Grace Harper, Misha Mayfair, Pandora Smith October 13, 2017
Pandora is planning a sexy night and strips her husband naked and ties him to the bed. She then goes off to have a bath, leaving him to dream of the sex to come. Unfortunately, his two stepdaughters burst in and decide to take advantage, touching his cock and giggling at how quickly it gets hard. As...
Flashing Incident
Grace Harper, Misha Mayfair, Pandora Smith July 14, 2017
When two girls claim the new male teacher flashed them, the headmistress decides to investigate. She hauls the young man into her office and gets the girls to recreate the crime in front of her. The teacher is made to remove his clothes and then wiggle his dick in front of them as they laugh at him....