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Models / Kirsty Travis

Avg Rating: 4.4

Kirsty Travis Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Average
Best Feature:  Loves Sex
Date Joined:  15 January 2016

Scottish lass Kirsty was on her first ever porn shoot when she visited the PureCFNM set.
She flew down with her best friend Louisa after e-mailing into the site wanting to know what it was like to be in a porn movie.
The 21-year-old with beautiful natural 32C cup tits wanted to cross it off her bucket list and we were only too happy to oblige.
Kirsty Travis Updates

Sugar Daddy Spanking
Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon October 14, 2016
Kirsty is furious with her sugar daddy for not paying her enough attention lately. She plans to teach him a lesson by humiliating him in front of her beautiful blonde friend Louisa. First she makes him strip naked in front of them and they burst out laughing when they see how rock hard his dick is! She...
Mummy's Boy Cock
Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace August 26, 2016
Mia visits the girls next door to inform them she has caught her adopted son jerking off while they were sunbathing in the garden. They all agree to teach him a lesson and he is ordered to strip naked in front of them. They giggle at his tiny mummy's boy cock. When he gets spanked over his mum's knee...
Brainy Girls Quiz
Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace June 24, 2016
Miss Makepeace and her girls team are determined to win the college quiz. Hunky Mr Peters is the question master and they decide their only chance of victory is to get to him before they start. They ask him quiz questions of their own and each time he gets one wrong they take an item of clothing off...
Office Voyeurs
Alessa Savage, Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon May 27, 2016
Alessa has long suspected that Jack masturbates in his office when he should be working. She gets two fellow secretaries together and they spy on him, watching as he jerks off and cums in his hand. They then burst in and embarrass him before he has chance to clean up. They laugh at how sensitive his...
Man Servant Training
Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace April 22, 2016
Rich bitch Mia has just hired a new man servant to take care of her needs whilst her husband is out working. Introducing him to her two young friends, she decides to show him off and orders him to strip naked in front of them. The girls are shocked at how erect he is the second his pants come off. As...
Dad's Best Friend
Alessa Savage, Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon March 18, 2016
Alessa's dad is allowing his best friend to stay with them as he is down on his luck. The girls are in the lounge when Joe finishes his shower and walks in wearing just a robe. As he sits down to read a magazine, the robe parts slightly, allowing the girls to clearly see his cock! They giggle and stare...
Vintage Teaching
Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon February 26, 2016
Two college girls are in trouble for failing their human biology class. Their teacher is at his wits end and decides to show them the real thing to get them to understand the male genitalia. As he unzips his trousers the girls look on in shock as they see their first penis! Shock soon turns to curiosity...
More Drinks Please
Alessa Savage, Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon January 15, 2016
Alessa has invited two friends round to watch her slowly humiliate and tease hunky Josh. Every time he goes to the kitchen to fetch the girls a drink, he must return wearing one less item of clothing. The girls sneakily pour their drinks into the plant pot each time and have him naked in no time at all!...