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Models / Katie Osmond

Avg Rating: 4.0

Katie Osmond Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Pert Tits
Date Joined:  February 24, 2006

The PureCFNM video shoot was the first time shy girl Katie had done anything naughty on camera. A friend of Tia Brodie's, she came along to see what it was like and eneded up joining in for 3 scenes!

Since then she has gone on to do a number of hardcore video shoots including several scenes for "make him squirt". Visit this site by clicking on the "Her Member's Site" link below . .
Katie Osmond Updates

The Courier's Package
Belle, Katie Osmond March 31, 2006
Elliot gets a job as a courier but when he turns up to deliver a package to Belle and Katie, it's a package of a different kind that they are interested in. As Katie opens the door, she can't take her eyes off the bulge in his tight courier's cycling shorts. Belle isn't happy though as it appears the...
The Slumber Party
Belle, Katie Osmond, Myla Charles, Tia Brodie March 10, 2006
Belle, Myla, Tia and Katie are having a girlie slumber party and the conversation soon turns to boys and in particular Myla's brother, Johnny, and the rumours of him having a large cock. Myla is horrified to hear them speak about her brother in this way but when Johnny comes home unexpectedly the girls...
Watching A Movie
Katie Osmond, Tia Brodie February 24, 2006
Harry has been invited over to watch a movie with friends Tia and Katie. What he doesn't know is that they have a plan to get him naked and when he gets aroused looking at one of the girls in the film and has to cover his groin with a cushion, Tia siezes the opportunity - literally! She rubs his groin...