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Models / Jools Brooke

Avg Rating: 4.4

Jools Brooke Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Petite
Best Feature:  Toned Ass
Date Joined:  February 29, 2008

Oxford-based Jools may only be 5"2 tall but underestimate her at your peril.

The 34-28-32 blonde beauty can be ferocious when riled and doesn't take and flack from her men!

"I loved the CFNM shoot because it was like I am at home. If I want something from my man, I have it or he's out the door," she laughed.
Jools Brooke Updates

DNA Test
Jools Brooke, Lacey Little, Renee Richards April 24, 2009
Renee, Jools and Lacey are trying to track down their real father, having been adopted from an early age. Their private investigator has tracked a suspect down to his home address and the girls con their way into his home pretending that their car has broken down and they need to use the phone. As they...
Sex Lesson
Jools Brooke, Lacey Little, Renee Richards January 9, 2009
After her blowjob lesson off Renee, Jools is getting on a little too well and all her boyfriend ever wants now is a blowjob. Renee decides that it is time for Jools' next lesson in sexual techniques and calls up her new boyfriend Peter. Jools is again very nervous and doesn't really want to do anything...
Job Interview
Crystal Lei, Jools Brooke, Renee Richards November 7, 2008
Renee is interviewing for a new employee and her assistant Crystal is singing the praises of one candidate, Michael. But when Renee calls him in for his interview she isn't convinced - especially when she asks him whether he will do whatever she says. His answer is hesitant and Renee decides to test...
Photocopying The Cock
Jools Brooke, Lacey Little, Renee Richards September 26, 2008
When Jools presents the latest sales figures to boss Renee, she is furious with the performance of salesman Phil. She calls him into her office and gives him a grilling over his performance. She realises he doesn't have the confidence to sell her products so she decides to try to help him. Jools strips...
First Day At Work
Crystal Lei, Jools Brooke, Renee Richards July 4, 2008
Peter is starting his new job when he gets called into boss Renee's office. When he walks in he sees her spanking one of the promotions girls for making some spelling mistakes and he laughs at her predicament. However, Renee is angry he finds mistakes funny and decides to teach him a lesson. She orders...
Condom Trials
Crystal Lei, Jools Brooke, Renee Richards April 25, 2008
It's been a bad few months for the condom company and Renee has called her sales team together for a crisis meeting. Sales have been dropping and she has decided they need to do some research into their competitors products to see where they are going wrong. Renee has heard about Keith taking advantage...
Blowjob Lesson
Crystal Lei, Jools Brooke, Renee Richards February 29, 2008
Renee is writing a letter to her boyfriend when Jools walks in. The young blonde is shocked when she sees that Renee is writing naughty things about wanting to give him a blowjob. Jools says this is disgusting and asks why she is writing stuff like that. Renee tells her not to be so silly and is just...