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Models / Jess Nova

Avg Rating: 5.0

Jess Nova Vital Stats:
Hair:  Blonde
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curves In All The Right Places
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  24 August 2022
Twitter:  @jessnovax

South coast babe Jess is a big titted 25-year-old babestation presenter and webcam girl.
Her bubbly personality, coupled with an insatiable sex drive makes her a formidable fuck buddy for any man!
She has huge 34 DD enhanced tits and a big ass and says her favourite position is doggy - we wouldn't mind seeing her in that position either!
Jess Nova Updates

X-Ray Glasses
Jess Nova, Tawney Lane July 28, 2023
Jess and Tawney are having a chat when they notice Sean looking at them weirdly. He has strange sunglasses on and is staring at them closely. Jess grabs the glasses to see what is going on and is shocked to find they are X-ray glasses and let you see through people's clothes. The girls feel violated...
After Hours Cleaners
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova July 14, 2023
Frankie has been for a late night swim but doesn't hear the health club cleaners knock at the changing room door. They walk in and come face to face with his naked body! He covers up quickly but the two girls now want another look at his delicious cock. They pull his hands apart and admire his dick before...
Class President
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova May 12, 2023
Jess and Angel are battling it out for Class President. When Jess finds out how popular Angel is she decides that an endorsement of their teacher could be the key to winning. She starts groping the old man's groin and soon has his trousers down. She is halfway through sucking his dick when Angel walks...
Wife's Students
Jess Nova, Tawney Lane April 7, 2023
Jess and Tawney are furious when their bitchy teacher fails them. They are determined to get their own back - by seducing her husband who is also a teacher at the college! They corner him in his classroom and start yanking off his clothes. He tries to resist but when they grab his groin and his manly...
Wrong Chart
Jess Nova, Tawney Lane February 3, 2023
Nurses Jess and Tawney are preparing a male patient for his operatuion but there seems to be a mix up on his chart. It says he is having penis enlargement surgery but he says there is nothing wrong with his dick and he is there for a shoulder operation. To prove it he lifts his robe and starts jerking...
Girl Scout Cookies
Angel Rae Doll, Jess Nova January 6, 2023
Two girl scouts are trying to sell their cookies. When they knock on Max's door he invites them in so he can fetch his wallet. When he walks back into the lounge they are shocked as he is totally naked! He explains that he is a naturist and often walks around in the nude. The inexperienced girls are...
Competitive Bitches
Jess Nova, Tawney Lane December 2, 2022
Tawney and Jess are always trying to outdo each other. They brag about the holidays they have been on, then about how much their husband lifts at the gym. But when Tawney claims her husband has a bigger cock, Jess decides to prove her wrong. She pulls Justin to his feet and yanks down his trousers -...
Corrupting Jess
Jess Nova October 28, 2022
Stunning glamour model Jess Nova wants to do some more shoots for LadyVoyeurs so she visits Mr Pure's office to discuss it. She makes the mistake of saying how much she enjoys watching men wank - so the pervy producer drops his trousers and shows her his dick. As he jerks off in front of her, she is...