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Models / Carmel Anderson

Avg Rating: 4.9

Carmel Anderson Vital Stats:
Hair:  Light Brown
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Slim
Best Feature:  Bubbly Personality
Date Joined:  16 October 2015
Twitter:  @xPowerToolettex

Lively Essex girl Carmel is a 23-year-old reality TV and glamour model now turned pornstar.
The 22-year-old never stops talking, a trait which endeared her to producers of the TV show "The Tool Academy".
The very petite 5"2 Carmel is a pocket rocket though and takes regular martial arts lessons to counteract her small size.
Carmel Anderson Updates

Stag Tree Prank
Carmel Anderson, Honour May, Tina Kay April 13, 2018
Three girls are out for a walk in the woods when they are shocked to come across a naked man tied to a tree. It turns out he is on his stag do and his mates have tied him up naked as a prank. He begs the girls to set him free but they like the look of his cock and decide to have some fun with him first....
Stolen Clothes
Carmel Anderson, Honour May, Tina Kay February 9, 2018
Axel is sunbathing nude by the side of a private lake when three girls discover him. They quietly sneak up and steal his clothes before walking out and ask him what he's doing. The poor boy is horrified to find his clothes gone but smells a rat when the girls offer to help him find them if they can see...
Milking The Bulls
Carmel Anderson, Honour May, Tina Kay December 1, 2017
Watch as these farmer's daughters milk three cum loads from male bulls! The girls have to milk the bulls every morning and every evening to prevent them from getting too horny. They bend the males over like cows and position the semen buckets between their legs. They then milk them from behind while...
True Scotsman
Carmel Anderson, Julia De Lucia, Taylor Shay March 11, 2016
The girls are dressed as farm girls with sexy frilly outfits ready for a fancy dress party. When Dave arrives to pick them up in his Scottish costume they all want to see what he's got under his kilt. He explains he is a "true Scot" but they want to see for themselves. They peak under his kilt and giggle...
Male Sale
Carmel Anderson, Julia De Lucia, Taylor Shay December 18, 2015
Stunning blonde Taylor trades in men. Today she has two rich women looking to buy a new stud to fuck them while their husbands are out working. They eye up the two naked male specimens commenting on their physiques and penis sizes. One of the guys is called "Quickie Heaven" and the girls can't work out...
Humiliated Foreman
Carmel Anderson, Julia De Lucia, Taylor Shay October 16, 2015
The female workers are on strike and on the verge of bringing the company down. When the company owner discovers it is foreman Mike that has upset them, he orders Mike to do whatever the women say to end the strike. The girls decide to get their revenge and make the foreman strip naked in front of them....