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All the content on this site is 100% exclusive. We update twice a week WITHOUT FAIL so the members always get what they pay for..
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Nowadays it's getting hard for honest webmasters to convert their traffic. More cookie-cutter sites. More plug ins. Same old content that has been doing the rounds for years - we do things differently.

All the content on this site is 100% exclusive. We've been producing quality CFNM for nearly three years now and updating twice a week so there is a LOT of content on the site. We are one of the few CFNM sites that actually DOES update regularly - every week like clockwork ever since we first opened the site.

Conversion is great but the key to making money is retention. And we retain like you wouldn't believe. Once your surfer likes our style of realistic CFNM content, there is no where else they can get access to it apart from this site. So they stay. And stay. And stay. Making you (and me!) much more money.

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"It may sound cliche, but I've been with Charlie since the beginning of the Pure CFNM site. He and I tossed around ideas for the site and it was obvious from that time on that he's as knowledgeable and passionate about the CFNM niche as anyone out there. This is reflected in the quality of content as well as the experience of being an affiliate of PureCFNM. Charlie is an extremely easy to get along with webmaster and is always willing to give me whatever is needed to better help promote PureCFNM. Ultimately, Charlie is one of a handful of webmasters I've dealt with that I feel a warm professional partnership with. As for the profitability of PureCFNM affiliation goes, it's fantastic. Surfers are happy with the consistent, high-quality updates Charlie provides, as well as his open and honest communication with the members of the site. These things are made obvious with the signups and rebills PureCFNM garners. With all these positives, becoming a PureCFNM affiliate should be an easy decision for anyone."


"I have been an affiliate of for a couple of years now, and have always been very happy with how the site converts with my CFNM traffic. is one of my best CFNM sponsors as far as rebills are concerned, as the new exclusive content every week really keeps my surfers happy and rebilling month after month. As an affiliate, the team has always done their best to provide me with what I need to bring in the sales, and Charlie is very knowledgeable and available to help. With a great CFNM site and a kick ass program, it's hard to go wrong."


"As a traffic guy, concentrating on search engines, I can say without a doubt that PureCFNM is the best rebilling site in its well converting niche. Month after month and year after year I have seen my rebills and thus wallet grow. Since Charlie is only active in CFNM he has been able to concentrate on what the surfers really like and is able to give them that. He has a very active members forum and works out the ideas cfmm lovers give to him. I do believe that his knowledge combined with a search for quality and his professionalism are the key to the success of PureCFNM. It's great to be able to profit so much from this all by being an affiliate."