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Models / Lola Lol

Avg Rating: 4.7

Lola Lol Vital Stats:
Hair:  Brunette
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  Big Tits
Date Joined:  January 25, 2011

Russian beauty Lola has been living in London for several years. She is a trained dancer and has just started doing the odd bit of work in the porn industry.

The 24-year-old is not widely published though and even her flatmates don't know what she does for a living!

Her huge and natural DD breasts certainly caused a stir on set when she visited PureCFNM but she won everyone over even more with her friendly nature and passion to produce the best scene possible.

Although she isn't English, there's a good chance 5"9 Lola will become a firm PureCFNM members favourite.
Lola Lol Updates

A Piece Of Meat
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan November 16, 2012
College girl Chantelle has now graduated and got a job at her own school in the admin department. She goes back to visit her old teacher Professor Francois and blackmails him that unless he strips naked and lets her use his cock as she wants, then she will tell the principal about the day her and her...

Made To Cum Twice
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan March 30, 2012
Chantelle is upset because she has been seeing sales manager Tony and he has just dumped her. As the other girls gather round to console her, Tony walks in and brags about how he is going to fuck a new babe tonight. The girls are outraged at what a bastard he is and whisper a revenge plan to eah other....

Naughty Professor
Ash Lucia, Chantelle Fox, Hannah Shaw, Lola Lol, Sophie Keegan September 23, 2011
Professor Francois is teaching an unruly class of girls. When he grabs one of them by the arm to make her sit down and pay attention, the girls go crazy and accuse him of sexual harassment! They threaten to go to the principal's office unless he does what they say. To get back at him and humiliate him...

Naked Chef
Axa Jay, Jessica Pressley, Lola Lol, Mistress Jordan August 5, 2011
Sam is doing his first show as the "Naked Chef" and the girls from the TV studio are excited to see him stripped off. He asks for privacy but they creep back in while he is on air and enjoy inspecting his naked body. As soon as the transmission is over they crowd round him and pull him onto the worktop...

Quiz Cheat
Axa Jay, Jessica Pressley, Lola Lol, Mistress Jordan April 29, 2011
Jordan has set a fun quiz to entertain everyone this evening but the sole guy in the group is determined not to lose! He stole her questions before the quiz started and has a cheat sheet tucked inside his sleeve. As the questions begin he acts very arrogant because he knows all the answers but Lola suddenly...

Cameragirl Gets Covered
Axa Jay, Jessica Pressley, Lola Lol, Mistress Jordan January 28, 2011
Today model Axa has been given the chance of doing some filming herself and is keen to impress the producer. Unfortunately the other girls are jealous of her and decide to play a trick on her. They have worked with the male stud, George, before and know that he cums lots - but they tell poor Axa that...