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Models / Bonnie White

Avg Rating: 4.3

Bonnie White Vital Stats:
Hair:  Redhead
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Body Type:  Curvy
Best Feature:  posh accent
Date Joined:  27th June, 2014

Posh girl Bonnie is a horse-mad 23-year-old from the Surrey area of England. Her daddy is a rich banker and after they fell out she decided to lose all her inhibitions and become a pornstar.
I bet daddy didn't expect his little princess to grow up to become a spunk-loving whore, but that's what happened - as can be seen by her scenes for Cum Perfection, Bonnie loves sucking and fucking for her spunky facials.
Bonnie White Updates

Aunties Corrupt
Bonnie White, Candi Coxx, Wendy Taylor April 10, 2015
Bonnie has brought her new boyfriend to meet her aunties but the two MILFs send her off to make the tea while they paw at the young boy. Eventually they leave the young lovers together but Billy excuses himself and goes looking for the MILFs, finding Candi fingering herself in her room. She pulls him...

Washing Powder Test
Bonnie White, Candi Coxx, Wendy Taylor January 16, 2015
Tony is demonstrating the features of a new brand of washing powder. He is proud of all the stains it can get out but is shocked when the girls ask him if it can get out spunk. As women of the world they often give blowjobs and regularly get cum on their clothes. When Tony says he doesn't know, the confident...

Blindfold Wanking
Bluebell, Bonnie White, Tina Kay December 19, 2014
James is settling down for a wank in his room and wants to shut himself off to his fantasies so he puts on some headphones and a blindfold. As a result he doesn't hear Bluebell come in and catch him in the nude - or her run off to fetch her friends. The three girls find it hysterical that they are watching...

Toilet Selfie
Bonnie White, Candi Coxx, Wendy Taylor November 14, 2014
Brian is receiving texts from a girl on Snapchat. When she asks him to send her a nude selfie he sneaks into the toilet cubicle to take it. Unknown to him, the texts are actual from a female co-worker and three of the office girls peer over the top of the cubicle and watch him strip and then take photos...

Stripper Audition
Bluebell, Bonnie White, Tina Kay September 19, 2014
Three women are auditioning new male strippers for their club but so far the applicants have been awful. Next up is good-looking hunk Alexei and they take an instant liking to him. As he strips off and reveals his toned six pack, the girls go all giggly and start groping his body. When his thong comes...

Cum On Sleeping Mum
Bluebell, Bonnie White, Tina Kay July 4, 2014
Tina is fed up with Bonnie's bitchy mum. She also fancies the mum's new boyfriend so she decides to kill two birds with one stone. They creep into the bedroom where the mum is asleep with a night mask on and begin groping the boyfriend's ass and crotch. They then pull his pyjamas down and start wanking...