Paige, Krystal and Stacey are relaxing with their friend Matt when they decide to play the game Truth Or Dare. It starts off with some personal questions including the gorgeous Stacey having to admit to how many men she has slept with. But when she chooses Dare next, Matt says she has to lift her top and show him her tits. Reluctantly she does it but the girls gang up on Matt and when he loses the next round they make him strip naked in front of them. The poor guy then loses again and the girls decide his Dare should be to have to masturbate in front of them. He does so and as the game carries on, Stacey chooses the next Dare as Krystal having to wank him. As she starts pumping his dick the other girls get jealous and join in, taking turns to wank his cock until he has a massive explosion all over the floor!

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