Yazmin is doing a sexy lapdance for a customer when he gets over-excited and starts grabbing her tits. She smacks his face and calls for Scott the bouncer and he soon charges in and manhandles the guy out the door. Yazmin is very grateful to Scott for saving her and as the other girls crowd round to check she is OK, they all tell stories of how Scott has saved them from pervy customers. The dancers decide to show Scott how much they appreciate him looking after them and call him over and start groping his groin through his trousers. Before he knows what is happening the girls are stripping him and taking turns to stroke his cock and balls. He tells them he was only doing his job but the girls are now transfixed by this young hunk's cock and won't take their hands off it. They take turns stroking it and Yazmin even licks and sucks his balls which sends him over the edge and he spunks everywhere, much to the girls delight!

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