Jack is visiting Wendy's Tailor's shop to get fitted for a new suit. When she starts measuring him she has trouble getting a correct reading around his inside leg and asks if he would take his trousers off. When she sees the bulge in his boxers she takes these off as well and likes the sight of his cock so much she forgets about the suit! She calls her assistants in and the three girls start stroking his cock under the pretence that they need to see how much "swinging room" he needs in the trousers. Jack is in heaven as the girls play with his cock and balls, commenting on how impressed they are with his size when they measure his cock with the tape measure. As they continue working his dick he loses control and spunks all over the floor. Wendy is so impressed that she tells him he can have the suit for free if he comes back and fucks her next time!

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