Evey is working on the late night adult chat show and is talking dirty to a caller. Lucie and Kelly are manning the video camera and boom microphone when studio boss Alan walks in. He takes a liking to Evey in her underwear and starts groping himself while he watches her on the couch. As Evey's session ends and the broadcast goes off air, booth operator Kaicee comes in to tell everyone how well they have done but is shocked to find that the last call has got Evey really turned on. Before she knows what is happening Evey has started undressing the pervy Alan and soon has his cock out and is playing with it. Kaicee's reluctance soon fades when she sees the cock and the lucky old boss soon has both of them wanking his dick. When Lucie and Kelly walk in they are shocked but are persuaded to have a feel as well and as they sit Alan down on the sofa, all four of them start taking turns stroking his cock. He can't believe his luck that these young girls are stroking his cock and balls and it soon proves too much and he explodes everywhere.

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