Zara and her friends are looking forward to sunbathing by the swimming pool but when they get to her house they find her brother asleep naked on a waterbed in the pool! Zara is horrified but the other three girls think he is very fit and are enjoying looking at his naked body. They enjoy a good look and then wake him up - after they have hidden his clothes. He is very embarrassed but they won't give him his clothes back until they have had some fun with him. They lie him on a sun lounger and surround him so they can all have a good feel of his cock. Zara watches from the next sun lounger and tells him she is disgusted at his behaviour but as her three friends help themselves to his cock he gets more and more excited. The gorgeous Zara can't believe what she is seeing when he starts cumming right in front of her very eyes - much to the delight of her three friends!

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